Saturday, September 15, 2007


We're picking up Biscuit the donkey with the broken shoulder Monday when we take Molly & Buddy Brat up to Gilbert to the Vet clinic. It's a good thing Cinder is going home today, or we would have to build another pen.........!!!!! I don't know how crippled he is, so we will keep him in a pen for awhile. The man said he walks normal sometimes, so hopefully he'll be able to get out & roam with the rest of them.

Tula is doing pretty good with her "training". I put a long rope on her halter & she seems to have a working knowledge of halters, ropes & things like that. That's not to say she accepts them gracefully, but she certainly knows where to put her feet to avoid stepping on a rope.

Molly the little mule is getting a little pushy, so I guess we will have to start "mule training 101". Since she's never been trained & I've never trained, this should be interesting. I've been trying to lead her by just putting my hand under her jaw & have her follow me. She thought that was fun for awhile, but she wants to move faster than I do, so I guess we'll have to revert to halter & rope for leading.

Jenny is walking pretty good right now. I'm still working on a blob of proud flesh that is growing out of her right front hoof. The Vet gave me some creme to put on it, that didn't work. In the past, I've had good results with Equaide on other types of wounds, & I think eventually it will take care of this blob. It's going to be a long process, because of the amount of tissue involved.

Donkey Rescued

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