Sunday, September 23, 2007


No big surprises although he still isn't thrilled with a fly mask. At his old home they had fly misters, so I don't know if he's ever had many fly masks in his life. He thinks turning his butt to you will make it go away. We've found out if you pop him on the butt with the fly mask, then he will stand & let you put it on.

Yesterday Terry came to groom, whoever would like to be groomed. Chester even got to get brushed. He was a little hesitant, but Terry is so quiet & patient, that he relaxed & I'm sure will look forward to next time.

Old Pepper is still limping around & his soles are still below the hoof wall. Katie will be here Thur to trim Chester & I'm sure she'll agree that Pepper needs less sole than he has. Jenny's feet are growing out enough now that the weak & missing areas of her hoof wall have reached the ground. That means they are breaking off & leaving large chunks of hoof wall missing. So far it doesn't seem to bother her. If she starts being tender footed, I'll have to wrap her feet. I'd rather not, because if you wrap you take a chance on trapping moisture, a great environment for bacteria or fungus growth.

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