Friday, September 28, 2007

CHESTER'S A NEW MAN............!!!

It is amazing to see the difference in Chester's demeanor today. He had spent a lot of time laying down, every day & I assume at night too. This morning when we went out to feed, he was on his feet, flirting with Molly mule thru the fence, & challenging poor old Sha'ba thru the fence on the other side. It's amazing what a good foot trim will do for a guy. This afternoon about an hour before feeding time, I opened the gate & let him out. I watched him for awhile & he seemed to be doing OK, very interested in eating mesquite leaves.

When John went to round everyone up, Chester really wasn't interested in going back into his pen, even though Shiloh was trying to keep him from rubbing noses with Belle. Chester has some "war" wounds, so I guess they were busy establishing their pecking order. Shiloh is a pretty good street fighter. It took him 2 years to come out of his shell, but once he did, he has definate ideas on how things should go. Even though Chester is lame he's bigger than Shiloh, so hopefully no one will get hurt. We'll let him out a couple of hours every afternoon for a few days, till he gets use to being out & having the other donkeys to interact with. He rubbed noses with Jenny & that seemed to go well.

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