Wednesday, October 30, 2019


We're still dealing with the mesquite bean problem.  The donkeys have been getting out for the afternoon for a few days and we all are doing "Poo 101" studies whenever we see poo.  Haven't been seeing a lot of beans in the poo, so as of today they are going out as soon as they finish breakfast.  If the that works for a couple of days, the next step will be going out overnight on the 10 acres.  Then a check of Burroland will get them over there in the afternoon, etc until we're back to the normal process of going out after they finish their hay morning and night.  

Burroland is still open for the cattle and I actually heard and saw a couple of cows over there a few day ago, so they are still moving around.  The last time I was over there a couple of weeks ago, I didn't see piles of beans under the trees like earlier this summer, although there are beans scattered everywhere.  We'll check it again before opening the gate. 

This week-end Suzanne, Lynn and Linda will be running a "people" marathon from up on Mt. Lemmon, that is 26 miles, down the mountain.  To be counted they will have to finish in less than 6 1/2 hours.  Better them than John and me.  They all like to run, but that is a long way, it's about a round trip from here to Benson and the thought of running it doesn't sound like a good time to me.  Only if someone was chasing me........LOL


This is Lewis and Clark, heading home with their new family.  Lynn and Linda brought them down from Colorado and while waiting for their family to show up they got to do a little racing with runners.  They haven't been worked with a lot and Lewis got away from his handler in Superior.  They both took off at Burros and Churros after a loose dog chased them.  They are really nice young donkeys and seem to really like people, so with some training they should be ready for anything.  

Legend is a new donkey that will be here for awhile for some training by Lynn and Linda.  He's a real pretty boy, light silver with bracelets on his legs.  I'll try to get a picture of him.  We've had quite a few tours the last few days, with the donkeys out of their pens.  He really watches the other donkeys to see how to act.  He walked right up to people out on the property like no big deal, to be petted after seeing the others do it.  So he's going to probably be pretty easy to work with.      

Last Saturday was my last race of this season.  This year hasn't been easy, nothing really bad, just little things happening, so I wouldn't finish a race, or even start a race a few times. 

The track had "Trunk and Treat" for the kids and tried to break a Guiness record for the longest Trunk or Treat parade of cars.  They were hoping to get over 400 cars, they had a lot of cars with a lot of candy, but I don't think they had enough to break the record.  

These dinosaurs chased this chicken up and down the track, which was really funny, I wish I had gotten a video.
 The little green thing standing by the chicken is a baby dinosaur.  

Our grandson drove this car Saturday night.  It's in the Outlaw Late Model Class and is painted like
the Lightening McQueen cartoon car.  Our great grandson is sitting in the window on the other side.

Even had a scarecrow roaming around.  We finally decided he was on the contractor stilts
they use when building houses.  He was tall enough I don't think he could even get in a house...!!

I managed to finish 2nd in the main event, which is my best finish this year.  Unfortunately the guy that was 7 points behind me before Saturday, finished in 1st and when the points were all counted we tied for end of the year points.  Since he had that win, even though I had more top 5 finishes, he got credited for 4th and I ended up in 5th for the year.   I'll still get a trophy and be acknowledged at the banquet, but I'd been in 4th for weeks, hated to lose it.  Oh! well on to next year. As we always say, once the banquet is over and the new season starts, people don't remember who finished where anyway.........!!  LOL

The new car is already to go...............!!  My 1st race of the 2020 season won't be until the 28th of March

New car at the track, for Friday practice

Casper by Fuzzy's Focus

Evelyn was out a few days ago to take pictures of the donkeys and will be here for the Open House the 7th and 8th of December.

Today when we were doing round up for evening feeding, one of the last ones in was Casper the little mini mule.  I noticed he came from the other side of the wash, which leads me to believe he was coming from Burroland.  As I said before they don't have access to Burroland yet.  But I have a feeling that isn't stopping Casper from going over there.  He just wiggles under the fence and goes where he wants to.  I guess there isn't enough beans over here to keep him occupied.  What a little brat he is, and what fun it is to try to outsmart him.  So far I think he's winning............LOL


ellie k said...

He needs a yoke like they used to put on cattle that crawled through fence. It keeps them from being able to get through but I never have seen one one a horse or mule.

Tish said...

Believe me I've thought about it, BUT, with all the mesquite trees and brush on our property I'm afraid he'd get hung up.