Thursday, October 10, 2019


Suzanne left yesterday morning to meet Lynn and Linda in Superior.  If she didn't have everything she will need between now and Sunday morning, I'd be surprised........!! LOL  She also took hay, so Lynn and Linda wouldn't have to haul it from Colorado.

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 Usually when the donkeys go to a race, they are in a corral panel pen, it gives them room to move around, but not a whole lot of room.  This time they are in an actual permanent pen with lots of room.  Although it is a dry lot, so they are helping themselves to the grass around the edges.......!!

Thanks for the pictures Suzanne

 She had an uneventful trip and Lynn and Linda pulled in not long after she did.  They had spent the night with Christine and Lary at EquineWell Being Rescue, in Snowflake, AZ.  Christine had pens for the donkeys to rest and stretch their legs for the night.   I think Christine is headed down to Superior today.  She is furnishing corral panels, and waterers as needed.  So many people are working hard to make this 1st race in Arizona a happening.  It's really been amazing to see how excited people are about the idea and hopefully that excitement will continue in the future.

I guess the "Hiestand Diner" was found lacking by the local range cattle.  After the one day of cows everywhere, there hasn't been another invasion.  John saw the black bull here the next day, in fact he laid down by the pens, which I'm sure the donkeys really appreciated.  We took the golf cart around to see how many beans they ate.  They actually got rid of a bunch of them, but there are still quite a few that haven't turned black.

We've talked about maybe letting the donkeys out for a short amount of time each day to see how they do.  The problem will be getting them back in their pens, I'm sure they won't be cooperative after only being out for maybe an hour or less, as long as there are beans to be eaten.  But there should be enough of us to round them up, when Lynn, and Linda get back.  We'll start with just the 10 acres, that should keep them busy for awhile.  They have been in their pens since the 16th of August and are ready to go out.  Big Gus can be formidable at his gate if he thinks you aren't paying attention.  I know from personal experience..........LOL

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