Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Eleven of our donkeys raced.  I'm using the term "ours" loosely.  Some of them are Lynn and Linda's.  Sugar and Jacque belong to our friend Georgette.  Lewis is visiting while his person finishes up a hunting trip, and Muzzy is spending the winter here, training for racing, while Turbo spends the winter in Colorado learning to be a saddle donkey as a trade.  And although Justin has been here for years along with Cheyenne and Lynne, they actually belong to Courtney that trims donkey feet for us.  They came here to lose weight and just never left........!!!  Buddy, Levi and Frijolita are actually ours.........!!! LOL 

Leddy won a trophy for Crowd Favorite, Muzzy won best condition I don't know if that was a decision made by the vets or not.  Actually one of the vets said Leddy was too thin, which shocked the heck out of all of us.  Poor Leddy has been on a diet for the last 3 years and is still a little plump by donkey standards.  All we could figure out is that vet has never worked with donkeys and is going by horse standards. 

All of our donkeys vetted good before and after the race and all finished the race. Team Muzzy (Lynn) finished 6th in the long race of 12 miles and Team Jacque (Linda) finished 12th.

Lots of the runners were dressed for the occasion

Team Muzzy (Lynn) getting with the program

Team Jacque (Linda) at the start of the race

Justin's teammate made him a special hat

This is team Frijolita (Suzanne) and my favorite picture taken during the race

You never know what you will see, this was a cute team

Everyone said the trails went thru some really pretty country

 Leddy's teammate picking up his "Crowd Favorite" award, with from the left Brad Wann from Colorado, the MC, Lynn, Monique who was in charge of the planning and did an outstanding job, and Linda

Buddy Brat had his 24th birthday the 15th of Oct.  This is him and BlackJack in 2001 playing tug of war with a dog rope when he was 6 years old.  Buddy has ran in a few races and really likes to run.  I don't know if Linda tells his teammates how old he is before or after the race, but they are usually very surprised to find out he isn't a spring chicken.  He can be a handful, the first time we took him out was to a parade, I walked him and wondered what I had gotten myself into.  He was bound and determined to get to the front of the parade, and I was equally determined that he wasn't.  I had to keep turning him in circles and he kept trying to bolt.  We managed to stay with our group, but I sure was glad when it was over.  I think he was just getting warmed up.......!!! LOL

This week-end we will be taking 3-5 donkeys to display at the Pima Fairgrounds for a big RV show they are having.  One of the planners called this summer and asked if we'd come out.  We like to take the donkeys out in public, so many people haven't been around donkeys and it's a great opportunity to let people interact with them, and see what wonderful animals they are.  We'll be out there Sunday, if anyone locally would like to come out and say Hi..........!!

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