Sunday, October 13, 2019


A good time was had by 100s if not thousands of participants and spectators, not to mention all the donkeys big and small that were there.  I'm a little slow in getting caught up, some of the people have already posted pictures on the BurroCross Facebook page, thank you Stacie and Michele from Lucky A Rescue.  There's a really good video of the start, but I haven't figured out how to download it yet.  

 Stacie is one of the Colorado racers that drove down for the event.  There were quite a few Colorado racers that came down and actually the winner of the 12 mile long race was Team Yukon with Bob Sweeney from Colorado.  They are both ultra runners and usually finish good.  

Almost time for the race to start


They are off and running

Out of town headed for the trails

We heard that the scenery was beautiful


Someone asked Stacie if she and Milo were getting a speeding ticket

Team Leddy waiting for the race to start.  Quite a few people and donkeys "dressed" for the occasion

Our good friend Leigh Anne, with Team Frijolita.  Suzanne and Frijolita completed the long course, 12 miles.  Thanks for sharing the picture Leigh Anne.  Leigh Anne had a donkey on top of her hat, that was quite a hit with everyone.

Pepsi's new mom sent a picture of Pepsi and one of his new buddies.  I guess he has figured out he isn't in Arizona anymore.  He's actually pretty well insulated from the snow and cold judging from the amount of snow on him.  

Suzanne, Lynn, Linda and the donkeys are still in Superior.  There is a lot of behind the scene for something like this.  They went up last week to mark the trails and help out where they could.  After the races the trails have to be unmarked, so that's what Lynn was doing today.  They are suppose to come home tomorrow morning. 

John and I left for Superior yesterday morning at 4am and left after the awards were handed out, got home last night about 9pm and the donkeys let us know that they weren't happy.  It's amazing how quiet they get once they get their hay........!!!  LOL 

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