Friday, October 18, 2019


Lynn and Linda got the charger for the electric fence last night, Lynn was going to charge it to get ready for today, and the instructions said it takes 3 days to charge it the 1st time.  

But Lynn doesn't want them to miss out on "OUT" time, so he has reinforced the electric fence line for today without the charger.  Stay tuned........ I have a feeling especially since they've already challenged the fence and found it lacking in the electricity department, they will just see his efforts to keep them in as an opportunity to show him, "it's not working"..............LOL  

John is doing a tour even as I type.  All of a sudden we're getting quite a few tours, probably because it is cooling off.  We are planning on participating in the Cascabel Fair this year for the first time in about 6-7 years.  This fair is always the 1st week-end in Dec and has been going for about 35 years.  Lot's of vendors, music, food, really a fun day in the country.   A lot of people come back every year.  Even though we aren't actually in Cascabel, they'll advertise we will be open for tours and we put a sign out by the road.  It's a good opportunity for people to get to meet the donkeys. 

Tomorrow Suzanne, Lynn and Linda will be going to the Burros and Churros Fun Run in Tucson, in conjunction with The Running Shop.  Last I heard about 60 people had signed up to run with the donkeys, and they are taking 18 donkeys, so some of them will go out 3 or 4 times.  The trail is less than 2 miles, so they won't actually be going very far.

UPDATE:  I had to go to town, came home and the donkeys were still in their pens.......WHEW!!!!

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