Thursday, October 24, 2019


Our days are still almost hot in the 80's, but our nights have been in the 30s for the last week or so.  Lowest has been 34*, so won't be long before we get some freezing.

The schedule for the next few weeks is filling in nicely.  Last Saturday John and I went with our friend Larry up to ET raceway at Apache Junction so he could race his Pro Stock Camaro on their dirt track.  Unfortunately something come loose in the rear end and he only ran about 4 laps.  We had a good time anyway watching racing on dirt.

Our truck is  heavier than Larry's so we met in the Walmart parking lot to change tow vehicles for the long trip.

John with the trailer still hooked up to Larry's pickup

While we were involved in racing business, Lynn, Linda and Suzanne were doing a fun race "Burros and Churros" in Tucson in conjunction with The Running Shop .  They hauled 19 donkeys in 3 trailers out of here just about daylight.  

Racers signing in to run with the donkeys

Link ready to run

Justin with a new friend just about his size.....

                                            Sugar and Jacque showing their runners how it's done............!!

Another good match for size, I think that is Bella, but I'm not sure.  Bella has never gone out for one of these fun days.  She has a problem with the muscle structure in both of her back legs, that makes her legs weak and makes it difficult for her to get up once she lays down.  She also wears out if she exerts energy and effort, or stands for a long time.  

But these fun runs are a good way to find out exactly what she is capable of doing.  I think she did one run, BUT, Linda said she really enjoyed being out with the people, so under the right circumstances she'll get to go out again.  

Sunday Suzanne, John and I took 5 donkeys to the Pima County Fairgrounds for a day of the donkeys being on display for a large RV group called, Family Motor Coach Association, or FMCA.  They had gotten in touch with me this summer and wanted to raise money for the rescue with a 50/50 drawing at this big annual event and asked if we could bring some donkeys out for the day.

They had us set up in a huge covered arena, it must have covered an acre of ground. It was right by where they had a picnic at noon, so a lot of people came over to see the donkeys. 

Suzanne talking with some of the people

Link the mammoth, Cheyenne the mini, and Loki Joe the black nosed small standard.  We also had Frijolita a roan standard and Muzzie a large standard.  Muzzie came down from Colorado for the winter with Lynn and Linda for pack burro racing training and Turbo, Link's older brother stayed up in Colorado for saddle training.  Linda showed us a picture of Turbo with snow all over his face.  I bet he wonders what the heck happened to the weather......!!!  LOL

Cheyenne, having a snack
We always enjoy taking the donkeys out in public, people are really drawn to them and always leave with a smile on their face.  

For over 35 years the people out here in the valley have held a Christmas Fair the first week-end in December.  They have food, music, people selling crafts, it's a lot of fun and hundreds of people come out from Tucson for the day to enjoy being in the country.

We participated for quite a few years until about 5 or 6 years ago, but it got to be quite a project for just the 2 of us.  We would have volunteers come out for the day, but all the "getting ready" we did.  I mentioned it to Linda and Suzanne and it looks like we're going to participate this year.  They are already busy with lots of neat ideas, volunteers dressed up as fairies and elves, Christmas music, even snowflakes hanging in the mesquite trees.  In the desert you have to improvise and have an imagination.....LOL    

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