Saturday, October 05, 2019

WE HAVE COWS...............BOY!!...... DO WE HAVE COWS........!!!

This morning when I got up I looked out the window and there was a big black Angus bull about 15 feet from the house.  Yippee! my 1st thought was "go get your friends", that is until I went out to the feed room...........there were cows all over the place, more coming across the wash.  My 2nd thought was "be careful what you ask for".........!!!  LOL

Their primary objective was to figure out how to help the donkeys eat their morning hay.  The donkeys weren't the least bit interested in sharing.  Actually they weren't interested in cows being in their area at all, particularly Jasper and Penny.  Suzanne and I took some pictures, John actually touched a couple of slimy cow noses and they decided we weren't going to share, so started moseying  off around the pens and over to the driveway.  Some of them headed down below the house on the north side of the pens.


This is one of the bulls, he's trying to help our neighbor Vic, underpin Lynn and Linda RV


Suzanne had to move Jasper's bunk away from the edge, they were helping him eat his hay



 It is now afternoon and they are still on the property.  I hope they have been eating beans and not just laying down resting.  We didn't know they were still here, John looked out awhile ago and saw a Brahma bull moving around. Since then we have seen LOTS of cows roaming around, everywhere.  They are hanging around the well house, the rancher has water for them, but I guess they would rather get a drink here than have to walk home.  I just hope they don't tear the well house down or tear up some of pipes.  These range cattle can be very destructive, they've learned how to survive.  Thank goodness they aren't wild.

Yesterday Suzanne and John finished putting up a new shelter.  It sure is tall, we decided we could probably have giraffes........!!!  Well maybe not, but it certainly has a lot of head clearance. 


ellie k said...

That is a big bull watching Vic work. I would be watching the bull. He is very pretty colored.

Unknown said...

Hi. I sent an email a couple weeks back, but not sure it went through. Are the donkeys back in Az and are visitors welcome?

Tish said...

The donkeys will be back after the race at Superior next Saturday the 12th of Oct. They got a late start down from Colorado and rather than bring the donkeys home for a couple of days and then stick some of them in a trailer again for the trip to Superior, they decided to cut the trip home out of the equation. Visitors are always welcome if we are here and it's rare that no one is here, so if you'd like to come out, just give us a call.