Friday, June 29, 2018


Of course it's almost the week-end and we're going to practice tonight with the new car.  Perfect opportunity for rain.......!!  LOL  We need rain bad enough it would almost be worth having the practice rained out.

Linda called last night to bring us up to date on all their "doings".  I don't know how they keep it all straight, let alone keep going and of course with the passage of time they pick up more things to do..!!  She sent some more pictures from the Creede race mostly taken by professional photographers.  

This was the start, there's no organized starting places, if you want to run up front, start up front.  If you are just beginning you can start in the back and try to figure out what is going on.  It looks to me like a confusing mess, but it all seems to work out.   Lynn and Loki Joe are front and center, not sure what happened to Lynn's shirt....!!  LOL

This fairly chubby spotted donkey is Crazy Horse and wins more than he loses.  Looks like he's got some pretty tough competition.....!!

Guess Lynn found his shirt.!!!

Linda and May trying to encourage Justin and Pepsi..... doesn't seem to be working

FINALLY.........the finish line......May got the tail end award because Pepsi was even slower than Justin across the line.

I guess Pepsi was telling his side of the story, or trying to mooch a cookie from one of the photographers.....!!!

Can't forget the dogs, they obviously see no reason to get involved in all that is going on....unless it pertains to them. 


Saddik with a deer antler, Lynn and Linda found.  That's one of the things they do, go out and look for antlers for the dogs. 

We got the windshield put in the little car.  It's a good thing we didn't drive it down to Sierra Vista which was our first idea.  I'm not going to name the company, but don't believe what you see on TV about how efficient they are, and they can put in a new windshield while you and the kids enjoy a visit to the zoo.  

Had a 2pm appointment, trailered the car and handed it off at 12:30pm, the guy said it would be ready by 3pm.  Ran around town, got back at 3:20 and the only thing that had been done was the old windshield had been taken out.  Headed home about 4pm, with the new windshield, so obviously it doesn't take very long to put one in......!!!  DUH!  They sent me an e-mail wanting to know how I liked their service.........!!!    After I e-mailed them about the service, they said they would call me, haven't heard a word from them.  LOL

Rosie and Gigi are both walking better, although I think Gigi's other shoulder is bothering her, probably from trying to protect the bad foot with the abscess.  Poor girl, it's too bad when she was born the people didn't have her crooked front legs cast or splinted and saved her from a lifetime of being crippled.  It would have only taken about a week or so to straighten them out after being all wadded up before birth.  

We're fighting the good fight with Boaz and his skin problems.    The side of his mouth is healing nicely, and I'm keeping a long nosed crusader mask on him for the summer.  Right now the flies are really bad everywhere.  His front legs were starting to get sores, so we put socks on them and I figured the rear ones would be next, so he's got socks on all 4 legs.  Unfortunately his sheath has come to the attention of the flies, and the habronema eggs and larvae that hitchhike on them.  We're keeping wormer on his sheath, which kills the larvae  and discourages the flies when they try to land.

About 2 months ago I started a regime with Rosie and Buddy Brat to treat them for neck worms.  Although both of them had slimmed down quite a bit, they still had huge thick crests on their necks.  Rosie also had sores on her belly every summer that I had treated with everything I could think of.  Cortizone10 would keep it at bay, so to speak, but would not get rid of the sores.  I read up on how to worm them if you suspect neck worms and did the protocol.  Dr. Jeremy also had me try a compounded ointment and for the 1st time in years Rosie's belly is dry.  Both of them have lost the large hard crests, so hopefully between the worming and the ointment she will be good for the summer...........!!!


ellie k said...

Do people ride in the donkey race or is just leading? Are the fires in Co. near Lynns place, it is around Ft. Carson or that area I think. I have a friend there that is trailering his horses out tonight. A camp was requesting help to trailer over 100 horses but had no place to take them.

Tish said...

They can't ride them, they can push, pull, bribe, but no ride or whips. They haven't said anything about fires in their area, although they sent a picture of a smoky fire area close to one of their races. They are in the Cortez, Durango SW area.