Tuesday, June 26, 2018

YEA.........IT'S ALMOST BELOW 100*

At least that's what the weather people say.  The thermometer on the back porch disagrees, but it is hovering just above 100*, so I guess it's progress.  

Haven't heard from Lynn and Linda, if they made the people race this week-end and if so how they did.  I'm sure they'll check in when they get the chance, it sounds like their days stay pretty busy.

John and our neighbor Jorja, hung the gate into Burroland this morning, so that job is finally done.  Jorja insisted on helping because Lynn, Linda and John helped her string some fence to keep range cows out last spring.  It's a good thing she helped, because if there is one thing Jorja knows it's fence and gates.  When John came in this morning after they finished he said in 500 years archeologists will find that gate and wonder who built it..........LOL  Ranch people don't want to have to "fix" stuff, so they overbuild.

Tyler and his helper DJ came Sunday to reset shoes on Gus, Rosie and Gigi.  Gigi had been gimping around for a few days and when he started cleaning up her bad foot he found an abscess.  So now she's got a duct tape boot on that foot with a green slime poultice.  He said leave it on till it falls off.  

Penny also got trimmed.  She had a halter on, awaiting her fate and DJ went into put a lead on her.  He's young, big, strong all those things we all wish we still were, not to mention confident.  He grabbed her halter, which sent her into hypermode.  She uses her front feet like a deer or moose does, and also uses her head as a battering ram.  It's hard to keep track of both feet and a head, when you are in close quarters like that.  She nailed him under the jaw with her head and he managed to stay on his feet and hang on, much to her disgust and my amazement.  

This morning I had to put a  sock on one of her hind legs to keep the flies from chewing on her leg and she was just as cooperative as she could be.  Of course animal crackers help, BUT where Tyler and DJ are concerned, bribery isn't going to help much,,,,,,,,LOL

We have to take the little car today to get the windshield replaced.  Sunday John was coming home from Benson, and the hood latch broke with him going about 60mph.  The hood flew up, broke the windshield, dented the hood and John said made a lot of noise..........no kidding......!!!  

This was his fix to get it home

We have 3 night blooming cerius and the last one bloomed last night.  Usually they all bloom the same night, but the 1st one bloomed about 3 weeks ago.  They say there is only one night moth that pollinates them, but John saw bees going in and out of the blooms this morning before they closed up, so we'll see if they set on fruit.  Of course a moth could have come last night too.

We'll be going to practice Friday night to take the new/backup car thru tech and see how it does on the track.  It's not finished although most of the mechanical stuff is done. 

 Neons are known for jumping out of gear and that has been a big problem for me this year.  So our friend Larry came up with a fix that I used last race night and it worked.  

This metal triangle sets like this before the race starts

When the race starts and I want it to stay in 3rd hear, I flip it down against the gear shift and there is no way it can jump out of gear.......!! 

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