Saturday, June 23, 2018


It's actually cooling off a little was only 102* this afternoon on the back porch.  I honestly don't see a lot of difference between 102 and 106.....!!  LOL

Tyler is coming tomorrow morning to trim feet and reset shoes on the ones that have casting material on their feet.  Actually Gus and Rosie are the only 2 with the casting material.  Gigi has an elongated shoe on her crippled foot and he trims Penny, just because she is a royal pain and I don't want Courtney to get hurt.  

Gigi has been 3 legged lame on her bad foot and today is actually the 1st time she's been out of her pen for almost a week.  So she is doing better, but tomorrow will probably set her back.  SIGH....!!   Have no idea what the problem is, maybe Tyler will have an idea.  

Heard from the Colorado "satellite" this morning.  They had an interesting day yesterday.  First was suppose to be a parade.  Let's just say the morning did not go without a few problems, up to an including losing the keys to the truck, that was suppose to haul the trailer full of donkeys to the parade.  Sounds like they had quite a scavenger hunt and finally found them.  Took off for the parade, I think all 7 donkeys went and they were really hoping for a late start.  No such luck, but at least they finally found the donkey walkers that were meeting them there, didn't have time to dress the donkeys, and took off trying to catch up.  Linda said they were about 2 blocks behind and never did get caught up.  

We looked at the pictures she sent before we read her story, and couldn't figure out why the donkeys weren't dressed, especially Quilla, who's legs are bare from years of fly damage.   

Looking for a parade.......????

Justin and Pepsi doing what they do best.........standing

Leddy striking his, "aren't I pretty" pose.....!!!

Linda and Jennifer with Quilla

Leddy has a thing about flowers, he almost dismantled the flowers from a wagon in front of us, when we were in the Rodeo parade in February in Tucson this year.  The parade hadn't even started and he was determined to eat those flowers. 

From there I think they went past home dropped off some of the donkeys and headed for their 2nd gig, a book presentation for a really good book, On the Backs of Burros.  This is Leo promoting himself for the cover of a sequel I guess.........LOL

The donkeys had a great spot for people to come and visit with them after the book presentation.  Linda said there were a lot of people there and they really enjoyed the donkeys.  Of course the donkeys enjoyed all the attention.  One woman even brought treats which they REALLY enjoyed. 

What a gorgeous stain glass

You think donkeys aren't good baby sitters?  Can't imagine a horse doing this

Nothing like kids and baby donkeys, wonder if they got to grow up together?

They sure have some busy days.  I think they are going on a 5K run with the dogs tomorrow, hopefully Saddik will take care of his "elimination" stop before the race and help Lynn win one.

This is a picture of one of our 3 Night Blooming Cerus with 4 blooms in the back yard.  The other 2 should bloom either tonight or tomorrow night.  They only bloom one night and have to be pollinated by one type of night moth.  If that moth doesn't find the bloom that night, it's all been for naught, no seed pod sets and no chance of a little plant starting.  Seems like a rather hit and miss way to survive.  When we find them in the desert we bring them into the back yard, so the donkeys or cattle won't step on them.  Those spindly sticks are all that is ever above ground.  Below ground is a large tuber that can weigh pounds.  The Indians use to eat the tuber, which considering how tedious their life can be for survival, I guess it's amazing they've managed to survive at all. 

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