Friday, June 01, 2018

SCARY MORNING...........!!!

We never know what we will find when we go out in the morning.  This morning after the round up for breakfast, Penny and Coquette were missing.  Doug and John went out to look for them, no luck.  John and I both had the same idea Penny was down somewhere and Coquette is so bonded to Penny she would stay with her, even if it was time to eat.  

John went out looking in odd places, I mixed feed and Doug fed.  When I got done, I hopped on the quad and took off for Burroland.  Met John coming in followed by Coquette and Penny.  He said if he had gone on the trail I was coming on with the quad he would have found them the 1st time.  Sure enough Penny was down, her front legs out in front of her and her hind legs both straight out on the same side.  Not a position an equine can get out of very easily.  They have to have their hind legs underneath their body to push up.

He said she had been there awhile, the ground was tore up and her leggings on her front legs were down around her ankles, poor girl.  He said he started to try to get her up and remembered years ago when I tried that with Old Pepper, and he broke my leg when he fell on me.  So he provided vocal encouragement and a little pushing and she finally wobbled up.  From the way it sounds she was laying, I'm really surprised she made it up without ropes and being rolled over.  

When I saw them she was gimping along, but I would imagine laying like that for any length of time, probably made things go to sleep, or compromised blood flow, who knows.  I gave her an Equioxx, was going to give her flavored bute in her mush, BUT, she has a trained palate when it comes to ferreting out meds in food.  Equioxx is pretty benign smelling and I assume taste wise also, so it sneaked in with some animal cracker crumbs..........!!  

Penny is the one that had colic surgery a few years ago, is hunched back, has had a broken jaw and was a fear kicker when we got her.  Certainly made life exciting if you had to work with her although she has really mellowed over the years.  She is the only one that has actually "damaged" Dr. Jeremy, she bit him pretty good early on in their relationship.  Because of her broken jaw it's impossible to even pretend to read her teeth to age her, but she probably hasn't been a "spring" chicken for quite sometime.  We guess late 20's, and although donkeys can live 40-50 years if they have good care, I doubt that Penny ever had good care in her former life, although she obviously is a survivor.  Her behavior was that of a roping donkey, when means her legs are probably arthritic.  She's one that pretty much gets all the animal crackers she can beg for, we figure there hasn't been a lot of treats in her life, so we'll make sure she gets more than her share. 

Hopefully it was just a fluke, but we'll watch her and if she has to be on meds to make it easier for her to move around or get up, no problem, we'll just add her to the list..........!!! LOL

Linda sent some pictures and videos of the burro pack races last week-end.

Waiting for their debut, only Leo the spotted one has ever raced

Linda and Justin, Carrie and Pepsi.  Carrie is a long distance runner, but I think this was her 1st time running with a buddy.  I bet she's hooked, I'm sure it's more fun to run with a buddy than by yourself, even if he doesn't always do what you expect.

Lynn and Loki Joe all ready to go.  Love the orange we can usually pick Lynn out of the crowd. 

Minis are kid magnets

One of the spotted donkeys is one that wins a lot.  Linda said all 5 of these are linked together although they don't race that way.  But it's pretty cool that they are trained to run as a team it would make it easy to exercise them.....!!. 

 Looks rather chaotic, but they all seem to get straightened out.  I guess Loki Joe was so excited he bolted at the start from the back and headed for the front.  Linda said he found little holes and ducked and weaved through everyone.  I guess Lynn was hanging on for dear life, and kept saying as they flew thru the pack, "Excuse me, pardon me, coming through-sorry he has no manners.......!!!"  LOL  John and I died laughing when we read about it and said, "that's Joe"......!!  Linda said he was scraping the saddle bags on his way thru, and the noise was freaking him out and making him go faster.  Lynn managed to hang on, Linda said it wouldn't have been much longer before they parted ways, but Loki took a right turn and Lynn got control.  She said Loki Joe was still pumped up and raring to go.   

They said he did outstanding for his first time, now if they can just harness all that energy.......!!! LOL

Lynn can't decide whether Loki is competitive or trying to please the runner, or if he just likes to run.  I can almost guarantee he isn't trying to please the runner, I'm sure that is the farthest thing from his mind.........!!! LOL

Linda said she was training Justin, and Pepsi and Loki didn't want to miss out on the fun.

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