Sunday, June 10, 2018

BOY.......IT'S HOT........AND HUMID.......!!!

Not much going on around here.  We've had clouds the last few days, even had a few sprinkles hit the ground, but mostly just temperatures over 100* and icky, sticky humidity.......!!  Suppose to be this way for the foreseeable future.  The donkeys just stand around in the shade waiting for something to happen.  I would imagine they move around more after dark, although it doesn't cool off until close to midnight.  

John is doing really good with his defibrillator, he says it is less painful every day, which is a good thing.  He goes for a wound check this week and should find out more "dos and don'ts".  He let the donkeys out at bedtime last night.    Doug has been letting them out and he does it like I do, open the gates and let them out.  Of course they feel cheated without the obligatory piece of carrot, that John always gives them.  So I'm sure they appreciate having the "real" crew chief back.....!!

 Here are some more pictures from last week-end, haven't heard anything about how this week-end at Creede went. 

Look at Loki's front feet.......!!

It looks like he is mimicking the way Linda is standing, so funny........!!
Justin looks like a winner, doesn't he?

Justin had no problem jumping that log.......!!

Pepsi and Justin look like they know what they are doing

This hot weather seems to be helping the mesquite beans set and will probably help them ripen quickly.  The day we see any ripe beans on the ground, is the day the donkeys start spending more time in their pens than they spend out.  Last year they had unlimited access to the beans for a couple of weeks before we noticed they were gaining weight.  This year we will be pro-active on how many hours a day they are out and also how much access they will have to Burroland.  They all look pretty good right now, although some of them like Coquette and Jasper, are still carrying too much weight.  

Speaking of Jasper, he has really blossomed, he interacts with the other donkeys, although he and Gus usually hang out together, which is nice.  They both have compromised feet, so they aren't going to be running all over the place.  Gus has never really had a buddy before, he's always liked being around people more than other donkeys.  Jasper loves having people here on tours and usually ends up following them around as they see the other donkeys...........just in case they might like to show him a little more attention along the way.  

He's actually looking pretty good, but if you run your hands between his spine and his ribs, there's still a lot of extra fat there, in fact it makes little hills and valleys.  Don't know that he will ever lose those pones.  He seems satisfied with what we give him to eat and doesn't seem to be overly hungry, which is a good thing, unlike some of the others, Coquette for one and Rosie for another.  Rosie eats wood, she's not a cribber in fact I don't know if I have ever heard of a donkey that cribs.  Rosie seems to like having extra fiber in her diet.  All of the shelters are wood.......except for hers.  She had a wooden one, she also had one made out of wooden pallets.............both gone.  Hers is metal and the garage has metal corners to protect them from her.  The old well house doesn't look too good either, but she had help there, Cheyenne and Lynn the 2 mini jennies decided they'd snack a little too.......!! LOL


Witcheylady said...

So happy to hear Gus & Jasper are hanging out together.
Also glad to hear John is doing better every day.
Hugs to both of you.

Tish said...

It started when Jasper took over Gus' sandy shady spot. Poor Gus had to adjust, so he went to another place. Funny in a sad sort of way. But it's worked out.

John is going down to Larry's today to work on my back up car. Business as usual I guess, although I don't think he will be much help. But he can hand Larry tools I guess.