Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hot, hot, hot, but life goes on.........!!

John went to his heart doctor yesterday and they don't want to see him until October, so I guess he's doing good.  He was hoping to get rid of some of the pills he's taking, but that didn't happen.  He finally got his monitor to work.  Living out in the boonies has it's good points and bad points.  Our cell phone does not work in the house unless you get in the kitchen window and stretch out as far as you can stretch towards the window to get a signal.  

So the monitor that was suppose to be by the bed was not happy when he first hooked it up.  He called them and they said not to worry about it.  A couple of days later he got the brilliant idea of going out of the house to see it it would work.  All of a sudden it started putting different little emogis on the face of the monitor.  Brought it back in the house and it's worked ever since.  Guess it just needed to be woke up.  So every night at 1AM it downloads to the doctor's office.  If they don't like what they see they can call and have him come in for a tune up I guess..............!!!  LOL  Modern medicine is absolutely amazing.

Not much going on around here, it's too hot to be doing much.  The donkeys just stand around in the shade waiting to be fed or for it to cool off.  Actually for the last few days we've had 2 donkeys 3 legged lame.  One is Frijolita, who is never sick or anything.  She has a neurological problem call string halt, probably cause by getting into some poisonous plants before she was captured by the BLM as a 6 month old.   We got an inch of rain the other day, which was really appreciated, but I wonder if it had something to do with her not wanting to put weight on one of her hind legs.  

The other one is Gigi, who has probably been crippled since birth.  She has to wear a shoe on one front foot to keep that foot from turning backwards, which is how it  was when we got her.  

 Of course that was the foot that was bothering her, and she refused to put any weight on it for the first day or so.  She just laid down all the time.

If you don't know if it is an abscess or not, you are not suppose to give bute.  The bute interferes with the abscess opening up, which gives them instant relief.

Gigi is not easy to work with, she does not trust people or want people in her space.  So getting up close and personal with her bad foot wasn't going to happen without a lot of drama.

She's actually a little better this morning, she's up and moving around a little bit, so hopefully she's heading in the right direction.  I still think the rain probably had something to do with both of them.

We've heard from Colorado a couple of times and they are staying busy as usual, makes me tired just to hear about all they do.........!!!

One Saturday they were going to run a people race with dogs early in the morning and then do a parade with donkeys later. 

This is the dogs I assume before the race started.  Linda runs with Lola and Lennon and Lynn runs with Saddik.  Lynn and Saddik were running in 1st place, when Saddik had to do a #2 pit stop and Lynn had to pick it up.  So they finished 3rd.  That's the 2nd time Saddik has interfered with the finish of a race because of his elimination problem.........LOL Linda was 2nd female and placed 9th overall with Lennon and; Lola so they all had a good day. 

So after that they went over to the parade area and it was raining, as Linda said it was literally raining on their parade.  They didn't see any horse trailers or floats, so they went home. 

I think this was taken earlier not after the race, just the dogs taken advantage of the nice weather.

This is Linda's friend Stephanie, trying to groom on Pepsi.  Unfortunately Loki Joe seems to think she needs his help.............or..........he wants her to groom him, not sure which......!!

Lynn out playing with the "fur" kids

The parade of donkeys


ellie k said...

How many donkeys do they have up there? That is a long line it looks like.

Tish said...

They have 7, 4 of their's and the 2 minis and Quilla the white one are ours.