Wednesday, June 06, 2018


John is in congestive heart failure from chemo in 1999 for non-Hodgkins lymphoma a little gift from Agent Orange that keeps on giving.  He worked on the spray birds (C-130's) that drop the stuff, they even used it in a bucket around the perimeter of their base for weed control. He also said the radio equipment he worked on was pink with the stuff when they came back from a flight.  He's often wondered how many of the guys he worked with are still alive.  He has been diagnosed with 3 different cancers since 1999, two of which the VA identifies with Agent Orange.  Or as they call it in civilian circles......Roundup......!!!

Tomorrow they are putting in a defibrillator that will shock his heart if it decides to act funny.  The heart muscle is weak and none of the medication they tried made a difference.  He says he is going to be bionic..........!!!  Gee a month ago he was just fine.....till he went to his cardiologist for an annual checkup......!!!   LOL  The procedure only takes about 45 minutes, they put it under his collar bone, then he's not suppose to do anything for 6 weeks.  I have a feeling that is going to be a LONG 6 weeks.

All of the donkey are doing good right now, we're only doctoring every other day and it's working out good.  Boaz's mouth isn't healed, but the crusader mask is keeping the flies on his mouth, so no re- infestation.  Socks on the legs of all those that need them and the new socks are working out really well, staying up much better than the ones I've used for years...........YEA....!!  

Thanks for the picture Mindy, these masks do make a statement...!!! I had put this picture on the blog earlier but in case someone missed it.  I'm amazed the donkeys don't mind having it down around their mouth at all. 

Haven't heard from our Colorado satellite, Lynn and Linda are suppose to do a burro race this week-end.  I'm pretty sure Loki Joe and Justin are going, not sure about the others.  I hope Lynn starts up in front, if Loki keeps showing interest in running it won't be long before they start getting some top 10 finishes.  

This was the lineup of packsaddles and equipment for the races a couple of weeks ago.  I can see where it would be important to have everything organized, to prevent last minute frantically looking for something. 

Penny seems to be doing OK after her problem getting up the other day.  I guess she just got her legs a little wrong and couldn't get up.  Believe me, I can sympathize.......!!!  LOL

I raced last Saturday night and finished 2nd and the car didn't jump out of gear..........YEA...........!!  If it had I wouldn't have finished 2nd.  LOL  Larry, a good friend and fellow racer, came up with an idea for a rod to drop down behind the gear shift after I shift to 3rd.  There is no way the gear shift can move with the rod there.  At least that's what we all thought, but didn't know for sure until we tried it.  John said he started getting anxious at lap 14 but nothing happened, then lap 15 was OK, so by lap 16 he was pretty confident that I could make it to lap 20 and the finish.  I'm in 5th for points, not sure I will be able to finish the year any higher because of 3 lousy finishes earlier in the year because of the shifting problem.

Meet & Greet, looks like I got tired of standing..... and John found someone to talk to.........LOL

I don't race again until the end of June, which gives my crew chief a chance to recuperate and figure out how disruptive this little thing about the size of a pocket watch below his collar bone is going to be.  He already has heard some do's and dont's, nothing really life changing so far.  Of course they usually wait to tell you the bad stuff until after the surgery, at least that's been my experience...........!! LOL

One good thing I would think is, usually these defibrillators don't get put in until the person has had a heart attack and their heart is damaged.  John's heart isn't damaged, the heart muscle is just weakened from R-CHOP chemo. 

His surgery isn't until 3pm, which means he will have to go all day without eating and drinking after 7am.  I'm sure that will be a fun filled day.........!!!  He's usually not too happy if he doesn't get lunch by 1pm......!!! 


Witcheylady said...

Thoughts are with John this morning.
Will call you later.

Tish said...

He'll be fine today, the 6 weeks follow up is what is going to be fun.....LOL I'm sure the list of restrictions is going to interfere with his lifestyle and like most men, that isn't going to go well. SIGH

Steph Schmidt said...

Wishing you and John luck in the coming weeks! I can't imagine either one of you sitting still for long periods. Take care.

Tish said...

Oh, I can sit and sit, John is the wiggle worm, he has to be doing something and I'll have to be in charge of him NOT doing something. Should be a lot of fun.........LOL