Wednesday, July 04, 2018


It's sad to see "man on the street" interviews asking people what the 4th of July means and they don't have a clue.  What is really sad is they don't seem to care that they are ignorant, it's like a big joke.  

Well enough of that.... on to the fun stuff.

Linda and Lynn ready to "parade"

I was surprised to have pictures this morning from a parade.  I assume Southfork had their parade yesterday.

Turbo, Leo Charlie his handler, and Leddy

Leddy doing his "aren't I bootiful" stance, I think he knows when Linda has the camera

Leo and Charlie, discussing strategy perhaps?

You might have notice there were no minis in this parade.  The little devils have decided they don't have to be caught and they are on 40 acres, which pretty much means.........they don't have to be caught if they don't want to.  So this pen is set up with hay in it to hopefully catch the little monsters, so they can be in the Creede parade today. 

MEET AND GREET at the races last Saturday night.  Didn't finish as good as I'd like, this year is turning into a fight for every point.  At least the car came home in one piece.  New cars are coming in, which can be fun and frustrating.  But it makes for more competitive racing for us and more fun for the spectators to watch.  Not as easy to have a good finish though.

Dr. Jeremy was suppose to come out this morning to float Jasper and Lynn's teeth.  Jasper is parrot mouthed and when he got here, Dr. Jeremy came out and examined him.  At the time we weren't sure he would survive, so dental work was put off until later.  Jasper is doing good, losing a little weight, no more problems with his feet, so time to get those teeth looked at.  The link above shows all sorts of problems with equine mouths, parrot mouth being just one of them.  And Jasper's mouth is worse than the parrot mouth pictured. 

Unfortunately Dr. Jeremy is so busy he had to cancel.  He knows we are flexible, so no problem.  I just wish he could get a break, I'm not even sure he ever gets to sleep thru the night.  He's looking for another vet to come in  and help, which would be great, but so far hasn't found someone. 

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