Tuesday, July 10, 2018


No rain yet, but today is cloudy off and on as the clouds and the sun play tag.  Suppose to be a 50/50 chance of rain, so we'll see.  

When we got about an inch of rain in June, John noticed about half of the pens had areas that needed sand/gravel added.  Most of the areas were in the shelters, so the donkeys didn't have anyplace to get out of the rain, even if they wanted to. The low areas were full of water. 

 So we ordered some gravel to fill in the pens.  We actually got 2 trailer loads, 24 tons.  Sounds like a lot, but the 1st trailer load is on the ground and the driver is getting ready to unload the the other trailer, the gravel piles  actually look tiny compared to the size of the truck and trailers. 

 Now is the fun part..........John on the tractor and Doug on a shovel.  They've done it before with 1/2 as much gravel a couple of years ago.  As hot and humid as it is right now, they haven't been very eager to get started. Actually it was only delivered yesterday and John is talking about maybe tomorrow.  LOL  Probably will have to see how the weather is, it's not much fun in the first place, and trying to do it in the rain would be horrible.  

While the guys are playing with the gravel,  John is going to have to use the backhoe to dig out pee ponds in Frijolita and Jasper's pens. They both have one spot, in their shelters of course, where they pee.  We know from past experience when they do this, it eventually smells like an outhouse.  Doug has been putting PDZ stall freshener on the areas, but it's time to dig them up and replace the gravel with clean gravel.  When John digs it up the gravel will have turned black, and be so compacted it would take a miner's pick to break it up if he didn't have the backhoe.  It will be that way down about 4 feet.  I'm sure we insult them by destroying their potty spot, but it doesn't take them long to rebuild it.  Don and Bill actually help Frijolita, every morning they go in her pen and pee on her "pond".  Not sure what it means, but it seems rude to me....LOL

This is Boaz's shoulder with the habronema larvae problem.  I've think I've finally got it under control, so hopefully if I can keep anymore larvae from settling in it might actually heal.  The one at the top by itself, is the one that Dr. Jeremy might have to lance, although I haven't gotten any little dead bodies out the last few days.  The problem is dead bodies are probably still in there that I can't find and he's tired of me digging.  

Boaz is usually easy to get along with, but if he's had enough he can be formidable.  He usually just lets me know enough is enough and we quit on a good note.  I guess he kicked Doug the other day, when Doug was trying to pull up one of his leggings.  Just a tap on the arm to let Doug know, he was done.  I would imagine he had given a warning and Doug didn't read it.  

We're getting a few sprinkles as I write, so hopefully it will continue.....!!

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