Monday, July 30, 2018


It's been awhile since I added to the blog, although I'm sure everyone will enjoy reading about Pepsi's adventure in the blog below this one, with his running partner Carol.  I've never met Carol, but she obviously enjoyed running with our boy today and that makes her alright in my book.........!!!

I am having computer problems, and can't download pictures from my go-pros, which I use on the race car.  I also can't download pictures from my regular camera.  I haven't joined the camera phone "craze", but at least my camera is new enough it doesn't use film........!!!  LOL

John thinks the reader in the computer has went kaput.  Of course it's taken me a couple of days and buying new adapters, etc, for him to come up with that idea.  So I have an e-mail into the local IT guy, hopefully he can get me back up quickly.  But in the meantime I will have to rely on Linda's pictures, which I usually do anyway.  I never have my camera with me when I need it and she always does.

The donkeys are NOT happy campers right now.  They have been on restriction for a week or so, no Burroland at all, 2 hours out of their pens during the day and then they are out from 10pm to about 6am.  We've had some rain and quite a bit of wind.  The wind knocks the mesquite beans out of the trees, which is why they need to be restricted from eating as many beans as they can find.  I keep telling them, they are lucky to be out at all, we could keep them in the pens day and night.  I took a couple of good pictures looking thru the pens at all the donkeys, looking towards me, with expectation of getting out.  Unfortunately they are hiding in my camera....!!! We had a pretty good rain today, hopefully it will help the beans on the ground over in Burroland to turn black quickly.  The donkey's are smart enough they don't eat the beans once they change color.  Once the beans turn black they should be able to go back over there, of course it won't be as much fun as it would be with beans laying all over the place.........!!!

 We're still doctoring, we're down to just doctoring Boaz and Cisco every morning and checking all the others while we pull up socks and give everybody a visual inspection.   We're putting Corona hoof dressing on Boaz and Gus' coronets.  They both have lousy hooves and the last time Tyler was here to reset shoes on the ones that need them one of them being Gus, he recommended trying some lanolin dressing to see if it would help.  So we'll see if he is impressed when he comes back in a couple of weeks.  

I guess we are going to hear the patter of little feet around here.  We have a roadrunner couple that have built a nest in a cluster of mistletoe in one of the mesquite trees.  John thinks their nest is a mess, but all of the cuckoos build lousy messy nests and it seems to work for them.  We watched the males especially running around gathering up sticks and delivering them to the spot.  Not sure if they both build, or if he finds the material and she builds.  She is now sitting on the nest and he is catching lizards.  At the rate they are going they are going to be really hard on our lizard population unfortunately.  I tried to take a picture of the nest, but all you can see from the ground is mistletoe, obviously they know the value of camouflage.  I have never seen a baby roadrunner, except in pictures and they have a face only a mother could love, ugly little suckers......!!!

Now to update racing........not a good race this week-end.  I finished 2nd in the heat race and almost made it 2 laps in the main event, when things went awry, to put it mildly. I tried to save it, which probably wasn't the best thing to do.  I should have kept it against the wall when it hit the 1st time but that goes against my nature, I've never learned to do that.........!!!  LOL

As usual John said it was totaled at the track, but on seeing it in the light of day he thinks it can be fixed enough to finish out the season.  We only have 4 more races for the Hornets and I'm not going to have a very good year anyway.  Our grandson has a friend with a frame jig, of course this will be the 2nd time it's been in a jig, if it's needed hopefully the metal isn't too fatigued.  John says he wants to see if he can straighten it himself.  It's not as bad as it was last year.

But in the interest of being ready to go, we are suppose to drive up to the Phoenix area tomorrow and pick up what will be next season's car.  Changing "brands" again, this one is a 2000 Chevy Cavalier, it's already been stripped out, needs the roll cage put in and the motor checked out.


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