Friday, July 06, 2018


John went to Benson yesterday afternoon and said about 6 drops hit the windshield on the way home.  But that's about it so far.  Our monsoons that last few years have been very disappointing and the desert weeds and cactus are starting to look stressed.  Even if we have a good year for rain, it's not enough to catch up long term.  

Boaz is about the only one I'm still having to doctor on a regular basis.  He has an encapsulated habronema larvae on his shoulder.  I'm sure it's dead, but the area is swollen and he is tired of me messing with it.  When Dr Jeremy comes out to do teeth, I'll have him lance it.  Poor Boaz seems to have a lousy immune system that makes him a fly magnet.  The corner of his mouth is all but healed, but his shoulder is still a mess, and his "boy" parts are having to be cleaned and doctored twice a day, to keep ahead of more damage.  The problem with the guys is if it itches, they bite and make nasty bloody sores, which doesn't help with the fly problem.  

Many years ago when we got Cisco I as a friend for BlackJack, he was a horrible fly magnet and he was also very difficult to work with, very distrustful and wild.  We had to have him put down after 7 months because he had destroyed his sheath, we had no trailer and would have had to haul him to a specialty clinic to fix the damage.  We got a trailer as soon as we could, so an emergency like that wouldn't happen again, hopefully.  

Lynn, Linda and the gang did another parade on the 4th of July in Creede.  They took all 7 donkeys and had friends to walk with the extras.  

This was before the parade, when Loki Joe and Mark were getting ready.  Looks like Quilla is more than willing to help with the candy.!! LOL

This is Quilla with Stephanie, his #1 fan.  Although, Linda said he's quite popular with everyone, the people will stand in line to pet him.  Stephanie walked him in a couple of parades last year and was anxious for him to come back this year.  The empty bucket must have still smelled like candy..!!

Turbo molesting a float, probably making sure there weren't any flowers or edibles on board.

I see the little escapes artists make this parade unlike the one the day before.......LOL

The boys look like they are going to rob a bank........LOL

Leo definitely knows how to pose


ellie k said...

Linda keeps the guys busy when with her, some of them must enhoy the new things and people, The little guys not so much maybe.

Tish said...

Justin has never wanted to play "catch". Right after we got him, we were going to worm him, had him in a small pen and he wasn't interested. John said no problem, he'd rope the little guy. Justin ran by, John threw a loop over his head, Justin kept on going and John hung onto the rope. That's when he found out how strong even the minis are, as he bounced along the ground, till he finally got enough sense to let go........LOL To this day, if we are going to do anything with the the minis, we have to do him first or it is "game on". On that 40 acres he was having a field day.