Wednesday, September 28, 2016

HUMANS WIN...........YEA.......!!

Well at least for now.  No more minis finding a way into Burroland.  Actually they are getting more time over there, so maybe it's not as important to them, as when they were absolutely sure they were being mistreated.

They are up to the gate being opened at 3pm, which gives them 2 hours.........well not counting the time it takes us to find them, round them up and actually manage to get them thru the gate.  Depending on their frame of mind, that can take quite awhile, especially when you are following 3, they go thru a brushy area and only 2 come out.  What do you do, continue following the 2, to the gate and go back for the other one?  Or take a chance on losing the 2 while you try to find the other one?  This isn't a hypothetical story......LOL  Justin was the culprit and later on managed to get over to the pen area without any of us catching him.  

I guess the flies this time of year are desperate to complete their life cycle, there sure a lot of them, in spite of the fly traps and predators.   The nights are cooling off quite a bit, but not enough to kill them off I guess.  

So we're still doctoring, especially legs because of the stable flies.  This morning I gave up and wrapped one of Quilla's front legs.  His legs below the knees are bare of hair, because of 9 years of neglect before he came here.  So every summer he is a daily doctoring effort.  I was hoping we could get into fall without having to wrap, but, as bad as the flies are there is nothing topically to put on that will keep them off all day.  

John and I have been doing POO #101 looking for beans and they aren't eating very many.  The trees have dropped almost all the pods, and the pods below the trees have been rained on and have turned an ugly brown headed for black.  I assume that they aren't very tasty at this stage.  So the donkeys are eating lots of weeds.  Over the next few days we'll let them out a little earlier each day until we get up to noon.  That will give them 5 hours over there and if that goes OK, will probably start letting them over there at night too.  

Miss Penny has been in the pen area for over a week now and is doing just fine.  Although I must say she isn't nearly as friendly as she was when she was in the hay barn.  We have a game going, if she wants a treat from me, she has to let me touch her forehead.  No "touchie", no treat.  So far the score is about 1 to many.  You would think all that time in the barn, when we waited on her hand and foot, would have helped her decide that we are nice people that like donkeys, but guess not....!! 

John's doing fine after his seed implant.  He saw one of his doctors this week and was told that in the near future the seed implants will probably not be covered by insurance and will only be available to those that can pay for it.  I guess the insurance companies are deciding it is too expensive considering how many men are diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Welcome to the future, of socialized medicine.  It's not that the seeds are better than external radiation.  But the overall dosage of radiation is lower over a longer period of time, which makes less side effects the guy has to put up with some of which are really unpleasant and can be permanent.  

Haven't went back to the dirt track to try to help get it ready for practice in Oct. and racing starting in Jan.   Was going this last week-end, but the guy in charge called and said they weren't going to work.  I'm not having a real good feeling about whether they will be able to get things going in a timely manner, at this rate.  

The way the last 2 races at the asphalt track went I would have probably finished in 5th and possibly even 4th.  The top 3 cars were strong and finished well.  But the other 3 cars in 3rd to 6th either ran poorly or in one case the guy fell off a ladder and was running around in the pits in a cervical collar for a broken neck.  Of course I could have crash and burned too............LOL

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