Wednesday, September 07, 2016


I guess our weather is being pushed by Hurricane Norman.  Sometime during the night it started drizzling, when John checked the rain gauge he said it was 1/4 inch, which was a surprise, since we couldn't even hear it on the roof.  

When it was time to do chores THEN it started actually raining, not hard, just hard enough to make chores fun.......!!!  And it continues to rain.  Suppose to quit this afternoon, but if it keeps lightly raining like this, it should be worthwhile.  

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day.  We had good friends over for a steak cookout, I asked Doug if he'd like a steak and guess what........??   He came too...........LOL  

Last night the rattlesnake was on the back porch again.  I assume she has caught a snack out there recently and is looking for another one.  I was in the kitchen and all of sudden I heard the dreaded buzzing.  Looked at the open patio door and there sat 3 cats focused at the screen door, intently looking out.  Sure enough the snake was less than 18 inches from the screen and really not happy.  I quickly shut the door, so there was glass between her and them.  They lost interest and she eventually crawled off the porch out into the yard.  Less than 5 minutes later Julius the outdoor cat showed up at the door wanting in, so I assume she wasn't still in the area.  He hasn't survived all these years by being unaware I'm sure.

The donkeys have been staying in the pens except for a couple of hours a day.  John told me a few days ago there aren't very many beans left on the 10 acres, so as of yesterday they will be out about 4-5 hours a day on the 10 acres.  We're talking about letting them have access to Burroland for part of that time, but we need to go over there and see what the bean situation is like.  Not today, it's afternoon and STILL RAINING........!!!

We did go out to doctor and while out there I checked poo and John's right, not many beans.  They are busy eating purslane.  It's all over the property, although I've never tried it, it's suppose to to taste good and be good for you. 

Had to make laundry soap today.   Everytime I see all the laundry detergent as the store and the price they charge for it, I thank my lucky stars a friend told me about making my own a few years ago. 

I'm through racing at the asphalt track.  With only 2 races left, they gave me a ultimatum that I had to put about 30 decals on my car, advertising companies like Coke that give a lot of money to NASCAR.  They want the decals on every car and at the end of the season, contingency money is paid to some of the classes.  Unfortunately not to the Hornets.  They've been after me for about a year and I've continued to say no, and told them I don't advertise for companies that don't sponsor me or give me contingency money. I guess they thought I'd give up since there was only 2 more races and it looks like I would have probably finished 5th or 6th.  I called NASCAR, they called NASCAR and NASCAR said they really encourage the cars to run the decals, and it's up to the track if they will let me race.  I'm hoping the "problem" might cause a little money to filter down to the Hornets. we'll see if that happens, I'm not holding my breath.  LOL

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