Thursday, September 22, 2016

5 - 0 and so it continues

I'm really finding this entertaining.  John, not so much.  After this morning's escape, he gathered up his fence, pipe, wire, t-posts etc and prepared to do battle.  I had to go to town, so I left John and Doug busy doing fence.  

This is a picture I took before Doug came to help and I left for town.  John has plenty of help including Gizmo, the mule.
When I got back John was on his tractor moving gravel and said he wish he'd had a camera after they got the fence fixed temporarily on this end and were on the other end fixing it.  

John said he looked up and Lynn was halfway thru the fence and held it up long enough for Cheyenne to squeeze thru.  He said they looked like they didn't think it was a big deal......well until John went over and ran them back.  Doug was the gate keeper and I guess he had more help that he wanted from the rest of them trying to get thru the gate from this side.  

After they got it fixed, the guys sat in the golf cart to see what would happen.  I would imagine they were wondering if it was going to keep the munchkins on this side.  John said Lynn walked up and started pushing and shoving and sticking her head thru.  She did that for quite awhile and then he said she walked the complete wash, very slowly, looking for weak spots.  Guess she didn't find any, they finally wandered off.  Heh, heh..........John thinks he's got them beat, but I'm not betting the farm on his thoughts..LOL

The guys played in the 12 ton gravel pile and got Penny's pen ready for her to move.  John said she was an absolute pill, she didn't want a halter on and wasn't going to have it.  She reared up and stomped John's toes with both front feet.  Wasn't my toes, so I thought it was pretty funny.  She wouldn't go into the "squeeze" and in general not cooperative at all.  She's not the most grateful animal on the planet, that's for sure. 

He got her moved and then they used the gravel to fill in low spots in some of the other pens.  The raining season is over for awhile, but when we were getting rain, low spots showed up really well as mud holes.  John hasn't even made a dent in the pile yet. 

12 ton doesn't look like much, but I bet John will be glad when it's gone......!!!

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