Tuesday, September 20, 2016


This morning I was suppose to go to Tucson for an appointment.  Got chores done, did doctoring, jumped in little gas saving car and headed for the big city.  I was in the outside lane, passing a car, when the left rear tire came apart.  I must say the little Kia Spectra5 did very well, of course it's front wheel drive and it was a rear wheel, but some cars don't do well under adverse conditions like that.  I had to get slowed down from the 80MPH I was doing, get over in the slow lane and get off the highway.  Called John, no answer, called Doug and he went and found John.

My Savior came to "save" me.  I can change a tire, BUT, I was already going to miss my appointment, it has one of those nasty little space saver spares that you can't drive over 50MPH and a scissor jack, which are a pain to use. John brought another tire and a big jack.  Unfortunately the wheel he brought wouldn't fit, so after putting on the space saver, he drove the dear little thing home and I drove the pick-up.  He didn't trust me to make it home with speed rules I guess..........LOL

While I was waiting, a very nice man drove by, and then drove back around to offer to change it for me.  I told him my husband was on the way, but that I appreciated his offer and the fact that there are still gentlemen in the world.  

Got home and noticed there was a little white mule pacing back and forth in one of the pens.  I had told Vic, Courtney was coming to trim today and to bring Casper over if he needed a trim.  He has been pacing back and forth all day long, he probably won't need a trim after all that moving around.  He's looking a little chubby from the mesquite bean season too, although not as much as some of ours.  They started out chubby and have moved on to full blown obesity.  

Came in and there was a message on the phone that when Vic went back home, he noticed 2 of the minis over in Burroland..........!!!   Hmmm.........they weren't suppose to be there, which meant they had found a way.  Sure enough when we got to the gate about 8 or 9 others were milling around, wondering why they couldn't get over there, I guess.  

John went over to find them, and I was in charge of controlling the others, and opening the gate at the right time.  Rather than try to do all of that at the same time, I just ran them out of the area, while John was finding the minis.  They were pretty determined to stay by the gate, but I was just as determined that they were going someplace else, and just before John showed up with the minis, they gave up and stayed away.  WHEW.......!!!   

Just as soon as the minis got over here, Lynn showed us where she had went between the bank and fence in the wash.  I thought they were smarter than that...........LOL  John put up a T-post and some rocks in the corner, and then she started trying to get her head and little body thru the barbed wire, so we ran another strand of barbed wire across the wash.  So far they are still on this side.

Unfortunately because Courtney is coming, NO ONE, will be going over to Burroland today.  They got over there again yesterday afternoon for about an hour or so.  Most of them remembered being chased the day before and came over to the pens, except for Tula, Frijolita, Quilla and Gizmo.  You would think an all white donkey like Quilla would be easy to spot.............not.....!!  We had to walk all over because once they know you are after them, they will circle around behind you and go where you just left.  

Judging from their poo, they are finding plenty of beans in their hour or so over there a day.  

The gravel for the pens is being delivered tomorrow morning at 6:45AM.  I can only assume we are the 1st delivery for the day....!!!  LOL  Well, John will have all day to haul it and spread it.  Hopefully Penny will get to go into her pen tomorrow.  Of course once she finds out the others are going out and she isn't, moving probably won't be all that exciting.  

Looks like we are going to participate in the Car Show for the Butterfield Stage Day Celebration, Oct 8th and 9th.  We've entered cars before but it's been a few years.  John's taking the bronco, I'm taking my little race car and our grandson is suppose to bring either his low rider truck or his late model race car out from Tucson.  

The bronco is 50 years old this year, we've owned it since 1968 when we bought it to drive up the Al-Can highway thru Canada to John's new assignment at Eielson AFB, Fairbanks, Alaska.  Planned on selling it when we left, but it's been part of the family every since.  The stories it could tell..........LOL


ellie k said...

It is a shame you cannot ride one of the donkeys so when you have to go get them in burrow land you could save a lot of steps they seem very smart or just know you so well. Love the bronco, we had one years ago and loved it. I now have a Toyota 4 runner and like it just as well although it is an 08 with 60,000 miles on it.

Steph Schmidt said...

Love that Bronco! They just don't make vehicles like they used to.

Tish said...

I think our Bronco is probably one of the few "stock" ones left of that era. So many of them had the wheel wells cut out for BIG tires. Ours is still stock except for the paint job. It was originally white over black.

Believe me I've thought of transportation when over in Burroland running around stumbling over rocks and limbs the donkeys have broken down trying to get to the beans. I don't think any of the donkeys are going to volunteer to stay over here, to be my transportation though......LOL I thought about a little dirt bike, but it's such rough ground and so many trees, that wouldn't work. Oh! well, I guess it's good exercise.........!!