Friday, September 23, 2016


How much help does John need?

At least the little monsters haven't figured out how to get back over to Burroland so far.  So I guess John WON......!!!  But it wasn't easy.......LOL

The gate to Burroland is just to the left up the bank.  BlackJack and Frijolita are patiently waiting for it to open.  Buddy is up on the bank pacing back and forth.

Last night when John and I went over to do round up and Doug was on stand-by on this side, they were really uncooperative.  I found them in the NE corner, got them going in the right direction and lost sight of them, when a couple peeled off to circle back.  Use to if you got them headed for the gate, they would keep going and go thru the gate on their own.  Times have changed I guess, Doug never saw them, I guess they stayed farther north.  They ended up in the SW corner where John was working.  

As I was headed that direction, I thought I heard a person moaning and groaning.  It was hard to tell, there was a herd of about 15 cows and calves standing at the closed gate to the road, mooing and complaining because the gate was closed, I guess.  Either that or they were rooting for John or the donkeys, not sure which.  When I got down there to compare stories and figure out who we were missing, John said he had fallen over a stick and thinks he broke a rib.  

Hasn't changed his mind this morning.  Unless ribs are really broke, there isn't much they can do about them, so he's going to play with it over the week-end and see how it is Monday.  I offered to wrap him with an Ace bandage, but he refused.  Probably smart thing to do, I've never wrapped a human rib cage before.........LOL

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