Thursday, September 22, 2016



John had a jeep tour yesterday and wasn't here for evening round up and feeding.  Doug went out to get the donkeys in their pens, came back to report he couldn't find............Cheyenne, Justin and Lynn.  Hmmmm..........wonder if they had figured out John's fix and went to Burroland?????  

Sure enough looked across the wash and the girls were standing by the closed gate, ready to come back for supper.  But no Justin.  Got the girls over here and I went into Burroland to find him.  You know what they say about finding your objective, the last place you look.  That would be OK, IF big if, I hadn't walked the 20 acres looking for him already.........LOL  

Before I found him, I came within about 3 feet of stepping on a rattlesnake.  In my sandals that would probably have been really exciting.  He buzzed and coiled and I squealed and jumped back.  I said adios and he probably said good riddance, it was a really quick relationship.....LOL

Went thru that wash, across another wash headed for the gate and who did I see.....??  What really irks me is as soon as they see you, they take off running for the gate like it was their idea.  When I saw him, he was vacuuming up beans.  

Doug said he thought he found a new place on the other side of the wash where they went thru, but he had somewhere to go and couldn't fix it.  It was dark by the time John got home, but we couldn't let them out last night, unless it was fixed, they'd just go right back over there.  

So John went out in the dark and came back in looking like he'd been in a wrestling match with a mountain lion and lost......!!!  His temporary fix was to drag and pile up branches off a cat claw tree that fell in the wash last time the wash ran.  I guess the bank eroded out from under it.  Anyway cat claw is called that for a reason. 

 But I am happy to report all 4 minis were on this side of the gate this morning.  It's not suppose to rain anymore, so his temporary fix might be good until the next time the wash runs.  OR MAYBE NOT......!!  John has never figured out why farmers and ranchers over build stuff.  I've tried to tell him that visual doesn't work with animals, but he seems to have the "maybe it will work this time" menality.  Farmers and ranchers don't want to have to do it again and know from experience that animals will find a way if they can. 

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