Saturday, September 10, 2016


Well at least that's the plan.  The 10 acres is pretty clean as far as mesquite beans are concerned, so the donkeys are back to their normal routine, but just on the 10 acres.  John went over on Burroland a few days ago and said underneath the trees is completely covered with piles of beans..........SIGH.....!!  

Some of the taller donkeys are getting good at stretching out those necks, reaching up into the trees and shaking limbs like crazy, which makes hold out beans fall.  The shorter donkeys have learned to follow their taller friends around and share in the bounty, when it falls.  

Which brings us back to the problem of Burroland.  Recently we have heard cows down below the house, so a couple of days ago, John took some of Penny's alfalfa sticks and stems down to the west gate into Burroland, opened it up and "chummed" the area with Penny's leftovers.  According to Vic the neighbor that is baby sitting Casper, the cattle have been in there.  We don't know how many or how far in they went, but hopefully they will continue to add a side trip into Burroland on their wanderings.  We'll give it a few days and go check the results.  

Yesterday I noticed flies bothering Penny under her jaw.  She has had a halter on every since we brought her home almost a month ago, because she is such a problem child to handle.  It usually works out better if you have something to hang onto, if you want to work with her.  

The halter on her has an extra ring most halters don't have.  Obviously it's in the way when she runs her head thru the corral panels or probably rubs when she is sticking her head in the hay bunk.  She has a sore about silver dollar size, (if anyone remembers what they looked like).  Had to put her in the redneck squeeze, take off the fly mask, wrestle off the halter and then get to "try" to put medication on the spot.  We got it done, but not with any cooperation from her at all.  I have to be careful trying to work with my arm thru the corral panel, she is so explosive with her head movement, she could break my arm. John checked this morning and the flies weren't bothering it, so unless they do, we'll just let it heal on it's own.........LOL  What gets me is she doesn't hold a grudge at all.  As soon as the fly mask is back on, and the squeeze opened, she's in your face insisting on a cookie.  Obviously good behavior isn't a prerequisite for getting treats in her mind.  

This morning after doctoring, John and I are going out to the dirt track to help with clean up if they can find something for 2 old people to do.  The facilities have set unused for 2 years, in the desert things fall apart pretty quick.  Actually we're nosy and want to see what's going on.......!!! 

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