Thursday, September 15, 2016


John and our grandson JR, cleaning up weeds at the dirt track last Sunday.  Actually it looks suspiciously like they are leaning on their shovels..........!!! 

Well it hasn't been that many days, but between doing clean up at the dirt track, John's "procedure" Monday, then his MRI and C-scan Tuesday and my computer deciding to "go on vacation" Tuesday night, this is my 1st opportunity to figure out if there is anything worthwhile to write about.......LOL

Cleanup at the track was fun, not sure we accomplished very much, but we got to meet some like minded people, (prefer dirt over asphalt) and talked to the manager.  He's got some good ideas, plans on having some practice days, starting in Oct. and wants to start racing in January.  There's still lots of cleanup to get done, not sure it will get done with just volunteers on week-ends, human nature being what it is.  We plan on going out this Sunday again, John is going to call and see if they have any use for his little tractor with a bucket on one end and a backhoe on the other, if so we'll load it up.     

Monday morning John and I were up bright and early, I made up the feed pans, so Doug could feed after we hit the road for a 7am appointment for radiation seed implants for John's prostate cancer.  They did 5 weeks of external radiation and now the seeds will release low dose radiation for about 6 months.  The next day we had to go back in for MRI and C-scan to make sure the 35-50 little seeds were where they belonged.  I guess they were, we haven't gotten in frantic messages to come back in for further treatment and he doesn't glow in the dark.  

We had what we thought was a question that no one had ever asked before, "would it be OK for the cats to sit on John's lap (that's prime cat property around here) or would they get radiated"?  Dr. Mack said it wasn't a problem, and over the years that question has come up quite often.  He also said very rarely does the question come up for grandkids.  Hmmmm.......interesting....!!  He's doing just fine, or at least will be in a few days when the results of "abuse" improve.  Makes me glad I'm an "innie" rather than an "outie"............LOL

Doctoring is getting easier and easier every morning, it doesn't take much of a change in the weather to really make a difference with the skin problems.  I have 4 that would probably do much better in a cooler climate, especially in the summer.  John says we should move to Show Low in the summer.  It's OK with me, but the logistics would be formidable to overcome.  And moving isn't as much fun as it was when we were younger......LOL  

I have to report that the cows "aren't" going into Burroland.  Vic thought they were, but we went over and checked for hoofprints and there aren't any.  As much green stuff and beans as there is all over everywhere, why would they bother to turn left to go into a new area.  Cows are creatures of habit and don't change unless it's really worthwhile.  There's nothing in Burroland that they don't have where they normally go.  So we're back to what to do about Burroland.  The donkeys have pretty well picked the 10 aces clean.  There is an occasional bean in their poo, but not much.  We had a nice rain a few days ago, hopefully it will cause the beans on the ground to mold and turn black.  We've noticed they don't eat them, when that happens.  

It's about time for Miss Penny Packer to move out of the hay barn and into her pen.  We are thinking about ordering some mortar sand to put where she likes to lay down in her pen, so she won't be on  gravel.  We talked about just getting some bags of sand, but a lot of the pens needs to be filled in, so now we're talking about getting a truck load of sand.  Well I'm talking about getting a truck load  and John's eyes are glazing over.  We'll see how this story plays out.  

As for my computer, I was on it, during the rain and somewhere got lightening, because the electricity went off.  When it came back on, my computer wasn't interested.  We poked and prodded it and nothing.  Called my computer guru, Jared, hauled it to him and picked it up on the way back from John's MRI day.  He couldn't find anything wrong with it, brought it home and nothing.  John worked electronics for many years and he didn't seem to think it was unusual for it to work and not work.  Probably hauling it to Jared jiggled something and us bringing it home, jiggled something else.......SIGH!

So called Jared again, but he is tied up until tomorrow, so last night after supper John decided to delve into the inter workings of the little monster.  Since he's done this with million dollar equipment, at least that's what the Air Force pays for it, I figured he could be trusted with my little PC.  He took the cover off and started poking around with a wooden pencil.  Didn't find anything loose, picked up the PC and twisted it a little bit and it came on.  It's still on, I'm afraid to turn it off..............LOL  

As John explains electronics to me, you can't fix it if it isn't broke or if you can't replicate the problem, so I'm pretty much stuck with leaving it on 24/7 or until the electricity goes off again.  Or until it does finally break.  They think it's probably a crack in the mother board circuit, but it would be a shame to change out the mother board and still have the problem, so we'll just limp along for awhile. 


Steph said...

My Father-In-Law had the radiation beads done about 20 years ago.. he was told then to not let his grandkids sit on his lap, amazing how things change over the years!

Unknown said...

You can run diagnostics on the laptop next time it boots up (if this is possible).
Google what F key you need to tap at boot to go into diagnostics for your model of laptop. Or just search on running diagnostics for your model of laptop.
This may narrow down the issue so you can make a good decision on what do do with the laptop.

Tish said...

It amazing the changes in just weeks or months in medicine these days. It's changes so fast. One of the procedures they used on John is only done by one doctor in Tucson, and he's only been doing it for a few months.

Actually my computer is a desktop, I haven't joined the modern world yet in a lot of areas I guess...LOL I'm afraid to turn it off and boot it up, since it is working. But if the electricity goes off again, which happens when you live in the sticks, I might do a diagnosis, just for fun.

ellie k said...

I have an old desk top and it is hard to get back on after it goes off. My son bought a lap top for me last year so I have a back up but I still like the desk top better. Happy to bear Johns treatment is over I just had breast surgery this week, now will see the dr next week to set up radiation. He said a few but I don't know how many a few is for him. He was able to get all the cancer and it was smaller then the MRI showed so that was good news, took out one l. Node and that was clear. I know many of my blog friends were praying for me and am so thankful that prayers still work.

Tish said...

Great news Ellie, my Mother had radiation after breast cancer for 6 weeks, 5 days a week. I think that is standard treatment, but that's been 15 years ago, I'm sure there have been many changes. Prayer always works........!!!

ellie k said...