Sunday, October 02, 2016



As far as the donkeys daily routine, except for Miss Penny, who is still in the pen area 24/7.  The others are coming in to eat and going out when they finish, or whenever we get around to letting them out.  Penny has access to 3 or 4 pens except at feeding time, so she isn't being very mistreated, although I would imagine she would disagree.  

It's amazing, when the donkeys were only being allowed over in Burroland for a couple of hours a day, we had to go over and literally go in the brush after them, one or two at a time usually.  Now that they are back to being able to go where they want, when they want, John rings the bell and they come in and go in their pens.  Probably some kind of a power struggle, and us humans don't know the rules........LOL

Last night got down to 48 degrees, which makes for really nice sleeping weather.  John didn't turn on the fan, wonder why........????  Today really looks like fall, rather dreary and lots of clouds.  It would have been a good day to make chili or vegetable soup, both of which I don't "do" in the summer.  But it's just about time to start thinking seriously about changing over to cool weather "eats".

We are getting ready for the car show in Benson next week-end.  Originally we were taking the 1966 Bronco, my Dodge Neon race car and our grandson is bringing his Late Model race car out from Tucson.  Now our good friend Larry is bringing out his Camaro Pro Stock race car.  So there will be 4 of us in the car show.  They usually have quite a few cars at these shows.  John won a trophy with the Bronco years ago, don't even remember what class he was in.
Our grandson's Late Model

Larry's car is the 09 Camaro

I even got some discount tickets from the track to hand out if people are interested in coming to the races.  Should be fun of course we all enjoy showing off our cars.  They have food vendors and and I head straight for the Indian Fry Bread......YUM!!!  Someone else can watch my car........LOL


ellie k said...

I read today that ford is going to start making Broncos again. We had a bronco 2 in 87 I think. I loved driving it. I have a Toyota 4 -runner now but I might consider trading for the Bronco. The 4 runner is an 08 and has 62,000 miles on it. I don 't drive a lot you can see.

Tish said...

I saw a couple of pictures of the Broncos and by today's standards I guess they are pretty. But I can't imagine anyone taking them into some of the situations we've had ours in, for what they will cost. Ours looks like what it is, a "utility vehicle". One time we were on an old tank road after a big rain storm. We were making runs up a hill that was really nasty. Quite a few 4 wheelers went up or tried to, before us, so the trail was a mess. We took off with John trying to miss the deepest ruts, but about 3/4's the way up he caught a rut, and we slammed into a big tree. Wadded the left front fender almost back to the firewall. Our teenage son, yelled "Dad you hit that tree"...LOL No kidding, but at that time he had never raced, so wasn't familiar with the mind set you have in those situations. John and I were both mentally already up the hill and a tree wasn't going to stop us. Besides as nasty as the trail was, if we had stopped, they'd have to get a tank retriever to get us out......LOL Ah........the good old days....!!

ellie k said...

Yes, most suv s look to luxury now I think. I like to dream but everyone tells me yo keep the. 4 runner. I have a better suv then most new ones. At 71 the 4 runner keeps getting higher it seem when I try to get in it.

Tish said...

Sounds like you are getting good advice about keeping your "old" friend. It's probably better made and it's probably already paid for.

I know about that getting in high places. Everything we have, has a grab bar, so I just hoist myself up. Except for the race car. That I haven't climb in the window and I usually flop in the seat like a sack of potatoes........LOL