Wednesday, October 05, 2016


This is the weather people come to Arizona for.  You couldn't ask for a more perfect day, not too hot and LOTS of sunshine.  I know many people want 4 seasons, I'm not one of those......LOL  I might be OK with 2 seasons, if one of them is spring and the other one fall.  

The weather in Saudi Arabia when we were up in the mountains was just about the same year round.  I asked a pilot friend one time where in the U.S. had about the same weather as Khamis and he said Mexico City.......!!!   YIKES, not interested in moving there at all...!!!   My perfect place, would be able to grow citrus, avocados, and mangoes in my yard, wouldn't that be fun?  Not sure such a place exists in the U.S. unfortunately.  Not that I'm going anywhere anyway, too much baggage.  John keeps saying we should load up the donkeys and take them to the White Mountains in NE Arizona for the summer.  Probably would cut down on my doctoring of skin problems, BUT the logistics would make my head spin.  

Almost no mesquite beans in the poo...........YAY...! Now maybe I can start them on a diet, although I don't know how we could feed them any less than we are now.  Rosie, Buddy and Coquette are the biggest problems, biggest is the optimum word here.  Buddy isn't as "fluffy" as the 2 girls, but he would be if he could get hold of more food.  I think you could probably put the 2 girls in a dry lot and feed them each 2 pounds of hay a day and they still would be fat.  Coquette was checked for insulin resistance and Cushings and she doesn't appear to be either.  A good friend runs a donkey sanctuary in Colorado and she says she has one like that.  She says the jenny is healthy, just fat and she's tried all sorts of things to get the weight off, and nothing works.  So she doesn't worry about it, maybe that's what we should do.  Hopefully they will slim down this winter, but next summer we'll have the same problem...........SIGH!

I have some pictures and information I need to print up for the Car Show Saturday, and am tracking my new printer, that is suppose to be on it's way from Canada.  This morning it is in Illinois, I'd like to think it's on it's way to Phoenix, but it hasn't moved since last night.  I have a feeling it isn't going to get here in time for me to use it before Saturday. 


ellie k said...

We have citrus, mango and avocado in our yard and fresh veggies most of the year but a miserable three months in the summer. Our mango trees just finished this years crop and they were really good this year. I don't take care of this stuff like my husband did but they are growing in spite of poor care.

Tish said...

Wish I was there, bet you would share.........LOL