Sunday, October 16, 2016



I have no idea, where I've been or what I've been doing.  I only know I looked up and it's been a week since I added to the blog...........I think that's a record.  We've been busy, but not anymore than usual, so I guess I have no excuse...........LOL

It's getting cool enough at night in the 40's that John is taking fly masks off now.  When it's cool like that we get up before the flies, instead of the other way around for a change.  Probably by the middle of November, fly season will be over except for a few hardy souls that always winter over.  

Doctoring is going well and is easier every day.  I don't think John and I will miss doctoring, but the "patients" probably will.  There are 7 that get doctored everyday, and know that they get 2 animal crackers when it's over.  Unfortunately there are "hanger-oners" that also know there are cookies being handed out, they just don't know why.  But they make sure they are available for handouts.  I can't get past Gi-gi without "paying" on my way to Rosie for doctoring.  Gizmo and Boaz escort us to the next patient thru about half the pens and fully expect pay for their diligence.  

Casper, the little white mini mule, the neighbor's are fostering doesn't have his goat buddies anymore. They got the 2 goats about the same time Casper went to live with them.  They also had chickens and ducks and in fact Casper got credit for running off a coyote that was shopping for a chicken dinner one time.

Unfortunately lately Casper's batting average had slipped and they were losing chickens.  Vic said he thinks the coyotes were watching for Casper to be elsewhere on the 10 acres before they came in.  Recently they had seen a bobcat stalking one of the goats.  I don't know if a bobcat could take a goat, but they didn't want to take a chance and found them a home.  They lost so many chickens in just a few nights, there weren't very many left, but they also found homes.

Vic says he doesn't think Casper even misses the goats, although the goats were bonded with him.  That just adds more info to the idea that Casper might not have been with other equine or maybe even other animals before we got him.  He definitely is an independent little guy

The other night we heard shrieking and thumping on the back porch, where the dry cat food is.  Went to see what was happening and there were 2 skunks locked in a wrestling match.  We turned on porch lights, opened the door, yelled, clapped our hands and they paid absolutely no attention to us.

Have you ever seen those dog or cat toys, you wind up and they flop around on the floor.  They usually have a big fluffy tail.  That's what it looked like except this "toy" had 2 fluffy tails, and the longer the flopped and squealing went on, they were starting to smell funny.......LOL

Finally with us getting involved from 2 different doors, complete with porch lights flashing off and on, one broke away and the other one chased it around the yard.  And they were smelling stronger.  Even the next morning you could still smell them.  I must be getting immuned to the smell, it doesn't bother me near as much as it use to........!!! 

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