Tuesday, October 18, 2016



Yesterday we took Boaz to Dr. Debra for a dental appointment.  He's got some chipped teeth and I wanted to make sure they didn't need grounding down.  They were OK, but he did have a few hooks that needed cleaned up.

When we got home there was a message on the phone from a neighbor, wanting to bring some friends over to see Punch.  Doug said he hadn't seen them, but about 1/2 hour later, they got here.  Nice people, they already have a Kelpie, and an Anatolian, they have horses and ride with their dogs.  Punch really took up with the woman, we visited for quite awhile and they took him home with them.  He wasn't very interested in getting in their car, John had to lift him up, but once in he was fine.  

I think it will be a good home for him.  It sounded like they spend a lot of time with their dogs, although sleeping on the bed, isn't going to be an option from what they said.  

Just yesterday, because Punch was going thru the cattle panels and getting out, John and Doug had strung chicken wire inside the cattle panels.  John made a special trip to Benson to get the wire and they spent all afternoon putting it up.  Did a nice job too...........LOL  John said that's OK, we're ready for any size dog now.............HUH?  Does he know something I don't?

We let Saddik out during chores and he hopped up into the golf cart like he use to, helped John weigh hay for awhile and then disappeared, which was about what he use to do.  John yelled and whistled and he came in from our dirt road.  The people across the road have a little dog, he use to visit with, so that's probably where he was.  I wish he would stay within the confines of our fence, but obviously my wishes don't count.  He also could have been looking for Punch.  Doug said he got to sleep in the middle of his bed last night for the 1st time in awhile..........LOL  I guess between the 2 dogs, he didn't have much room left and it was on the edge.  

As of yesterday Penny is out of confinement after about 3 months.  We let her out when we got back from Boaz's dental.  She wasn't all that interested in leaving the confines of her pen, and when John and Doug did round-up for evening feeding, she was waiting in her pen.  I've never seen her eating when she was out on the property, although obviously she ate a lot of mesquite beans when they got ripe this summer.  The clinic said to keep her confined until November 1, but I'm not sure that isn't the usual protocol for an equine that is ridden or worked in some way.  She hasn't had any problems at all and even if she is out, she's just going to be responsible for herself, no saddle, no human on her back, or having to trot or lope or lunge in an arena.  Actually lately she's been trotting a lot, when she sees us outside, hopefully headed her way with cookies.  I'm so glad we chose surgery over euthanasia.  It would have been easier, cheaper, less work, etc............BUT......it's really worthwhile to see her trotting over to the edge of the pen, insisting that she get cookies.  She's never been the friendliest donkey on the property, and she still isn't, BUT, she has really learned how to work us, during her recuperation, always on her terms though.  She will always expect the worst from people, unfortunately.

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