Wednesday, October 26, 2016


This is a momma Kula'n and her little one.  From what I understand these are even wilder and more dangerous than zebras

Heard today that Punch is still doing good, tried to chase a cat, told NO, eyed the sheep, told NO and seems to be taken the limitations as gospel.  He is also going to a friend of theirs that trains border collies to learn how to actually work as a cattle dog.  I think he will be a great dog, with some training, that's all he wanted was a job.  We just didn't have one for him.  

Still waiting for the big freeze, to get rid of the flies.  Of course I think tomorrow it's suppose to be 98* and they are talking about breaking records for the next few days for Oct, so the flies are probably going to stick around for awhile.  

We're trying to make the fly masks thru the season without having to buy some more, but it's getting more difficult every day.  Buddy Brat came in the other day with both eyes looking out of holes about 2 inches across.  I guess he found a good place to rub his eyes and went for it.  Boaz lost a good one with fringe on it.  Flies don't like fringe, but unfortunately the fringe gets hung up in the brush really easy.  Haven't found it, I have no idea how they can lose bright colored masks and we can't find them.  This winter I will do my annual order from Colorful Equine.  I will probably order extras, so hopefully next year we will make it thru the season.

The winter visitors are coming back, seems like they are early this year.  We've already got 2 tours from one of the RV parks on the calendar.  The couple that goes out and finds fun things to do locally, got in touch with us last spring and will probably set up regular monthly tours for the winter. 


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