Thursday, February 18, 2016


This is Bonnie watching as we brought Pancho into view.  Right after this she went into her shelter, so she wouldn't have to look at any of us.  She's not been worked with much and is still quite reluctant to deal with humans, if she doesn't have to.  

John and Pancho getting ready to go into "her" pen.

Let's see if playing hard to get works
Smelling poo is a good way to introduce yourself, I guess

Well, you're rather cute
No fireworks, Bonnie kicked in his general vicinity a couple of times, just to let him know he wasn't going to come in and take over, and he seemed just fine with that.  Teresa spends a lot of time with her animals, and Pancho loves attention, so this should be a great home for him.  

Come to find out Teresa raced a factory stock race car at the old Corona Speedway here in Tucson many, many years ago, long before we got here.  She said she told them she wanted to race and they said she could race in the Powder Puff races and she said no.  So Friday afternoon she got a phone call telling her if she wanted to race, she would have to get a pregnancy test.  She asked them if the Powder Puff girls had to tested and they said no, but she did.  So she scrambled around and found a doctor to do a pg test, so she could have the results in time to go racing Saturday night......!!!  LOL  Said she finished 6th out of 32 cars that started the main event.  She also said then some of the car owners wanted her to drive their car after that.......!!   Well at least I've never had to go to those lengths, although not being allowed in the pits, but being allowed on the track, always seemed a little weird.  

We had to get home before Courtney got here to evaluate Gus' front feet. That's not a problem, Courtney is always late......!!!  LOL  She has good intentions, BUT, reality gets in the way, as the day wears on, she gets farther and farther behind and we're always late afternoon, because her next appointment doesn't get off work until 6pm.  That's OK, but I was afraid the one and only time we weren't here she'd be on time.  Not to worry......!!!!  

She was just going to trim his heels down a tiny little bit.  With him it's always teeny-tiny, any normal change can cripple him for weeks, if not months.  Unfortunately she noticed a crack at the coronet.  It's only about  3/4 an inch long, but it's at the top and looks deep.  Soooooo, time for another artificial hoof of casting material.  The inside of his hooves are such messes, she didn't think we could take a chance on it, since it was all the way into the coronet.  We are running out of options for Gus unfortunately.  Unless they come up with something else, this is just about the last "fix" available for him.  He's actually walking pretty good right now, which is one reason she doesn't want this crack to cause more problems.  

I think Tula actually was looking for Pancho last night, either that or expecting him to jump out of hiding and attacking her.  I would imagine Boaz will be glad he's gone, they didn't get along at all.  

Saddik will probably miss him, they had some sort of cross species relationship and were always playing thru the corral panels when Pancho was waiting to get fed, or Saddik would reach thru the panels to grab any pellets Pancho dropped.  

Saddik is going to have a lifestyle change starting this week-end.  Doug is flying to Michigan to visit friends and family.  Like a lot of Arizonians, he's from somewhere else.  Saddik has spent a lot of time with Doug in his RV and sleeps on Doug's bed.  For the next week, Saddik will be roughing it, probably staying overnight in the feed room with Nicki sleeping on Anubis' old bed.  I'm sure he's going to think he's being punished..............LOL

John is catching mice in the feed room on a regular basis.  Now we need to figure out where the little monsters are getting in.

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