Monday, February 22, 2016


Saddik hanging out with Gus in the favorite dusting spot in Dec

Saddik is "roughing" it this week, while Doug is visiting Michigan and for the 1st time in a long long time he is sleeping outside, instead of on Doug's bed.  He has a rug and a blanket under Doug's RV, but it's on gravel.  Yesterday John noticed the gravel is pretty lumpy under his sleeping blanket, so I put Anubis' bedding on top of his blanket.  

This morning when John went out, Saddik was very proud to take John to show him what he had done during the night.  Out of the 3 layers of Anubis' bed 2 of them became confetti, stuffing EVERYWHERE.  Thank goodness  the wind wasn't blowing, or it would have really been everywhere.  I chastised him very sternly and finally gave up.  He obviously didn't have a problem with what he had done.  I did tell him I don't care if the gravel isn't soft, that didn't seem to bother him either.  LOL

Gus seems to be walking better this morning, so I assume the problem was his hips.  They sure are touchy, I doubt that Courtney took off 1/16th of an inch.  So I'll watch him for a couple of days and start lowering the Previcox back to the tiny amount he usually gets.

Another Tucker story from yesterday.  He and Saddik played in around the house and pen area most of the day until about 3pm, when the donkeys started filtering over from Burroland.  That was going very well, the donkeys were checking him out and he was going with the flow, everybody was having a great time and here comes the "enforcer".  Cheyenne is the littlest mini at 32 inches tall.  She has always had attitude where food was involved and would let the others know it.  They usually just found something else to do, except one time Boaz took affront and picked her up by her neck.

As I said everyone was having a great time meeting and greeting and she waded right thru the other donkeys and took him on.  He's almost bigger than she is, but obviously size doesn't count as much as attitude.  I didn't see it, but John said Tucker was looking for a place to hide.  I can't imagine why she was so aggressive, when all the others were just fine with another dog.  Just when you think you have donkeys figured out, they will surprise you. 


ellie k said...

Saddik should appreciate your kindness, don't he know a lot of dogs would like to have such a nice bed and lady to love him. Oh well, his week is about up. I go to your blog every day and always enjoy reading it. Thanks for the good care you give the babies there.

Tish said...

I don't think appreciation is in his vocabulary........LOL