Sunday, February 28, 2016


Pancho in his new home, with his mom, Teressa and her cousin.   I assume Steve was in charge of picture taking.  Thanks guys for the update.

According to Teressa, Pancho has moved in, Bonnie follows him around even when he is flirting with Willow, the girl next door, who happens to be a horse.  I guess Bonnie wasn't interested in playing dress-up.

Teressa said Bonnie is actually getting a little less cautious about being around people and taking treats, so maybe Pancho's bubbly personality will show her people are good, especially when they have treats. 

Teressa said her visiting cousin was smitten with the donkeys and is talking about getting a couple to run with his cattle on his farm.  Pancho is a good little ambassador for donkeys........LOL

Hopefully we're ready for the big tour Tuesday.  There is suppose to be 53 people.........!!!!  YIKES, we'll have more people than donkeys......!!!  LOL  Tuesday morning we'll hang up the banners we usually hang up when we take the donkeys out for "meet and greet", to make it look a little more festive.  The banners will be hung up after the donkeys go in their pens for breakfast and will be hung far enough from the pens, so they don't become entertainment for donkeys.  

Wednesday little Lynn will finally get rid of her snaggle tooth.  Dr. Debra comes to Cochise County once a month for appointments, so we had to wait until she came back.  Hopefully that's the only one that will need to be pulled, her mouth is so small and her teeth are full size, so it's a jumbled mess in there. 

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