Sunday, February 07, 2016


I know how he feels....!!!

I hate to keep harping on the subject of weather, but this winter is really getting old.  I had to start a fire in the wood stove this afternoon, because it never got warm today in the house, too many clouds I guess.  Passive solar houses are really nifty neato, UNLESS there is no sun.  It also doesn't work if you aren't home the evening before to build a fire.  

Loaded up and headed for the track
Yesterday was the 1st race of the season.  I did OK, not as well as I'd like.  I finished 3rd in the heat race, which lined me up in the 3rd row for the main event.  I was running 5th and doing OK, when the car started acting up and the gas pedal was mushy.  Needless to say running 5th with 12 other cars behind you just waiting for an opportunity to improve their position, gives you incentive to do something, anything.  I pulled up to the wall and pumped the gas pedal like crazy and all of a sudden it came out of it.  So away I went and it happened again.  Of course by this time a lot of the cars behind me had taken advantage of my misfortune and were ahead of me.  I was just hoping to get to finish, but with 7 laps to go the race director started yelling in my radio, for me to get off the track, I was dumping gas, so I got off ASAP.  So I got scored in 12th place.  I can't believe I finished ahead of 5 other cars....!!  LOL

John has been busy today trying to figure out what happened.  So far no definitive answers.  Probably something to do with the computer, but he can't figure out what that would have to do with the gas pedal.  

Yesterday morning when we fed, I went ahead and mixed up feed for evening feeding.  I made up all the pans and put them in our big igloo cooler with ice packs for Doug to feed when it was time.  Last year Amy was still coming to clean pens and she'd mix up pans, but I think this is going to work out pretty well.  We have to be at the track so early to sign in and pill draw for my starting position, there's no way we can feed.  Having Doug here really helps.  

Gus is finishing up his meds for possible ulcers tomorrow morning.  I don't think he has ulcers, he eats too well.  He isn't as touchy as he was, we are pretty much leaving him alone to give the Previcox a chance to get into his system if the problem is his joints.  This cold weather is hard on everybody that has arthritis, man or beast.  

Got back the results on Quilla and Daisy's ACTH test for Cushings.  It's been a couple of years since they were tested and Daisy is putting on a pretty heavy winter coat.  She is always pretty hairy and gets body clipped in the spring, but since the vet was here for Gus I thought it would be a good time to test them.  Daisy's numbers are almost perfect on 3mg of pergolide a day, so I guess she's just going to be hairy.  I never asked her owner, maybe she has always had long hair, I just figured it was the Cushings.  Quilla's numbers weren't quite as perfect as hers, but they were pretty good on 1 1/2mg of pergolide a day.  After Dr. Karla left I thought I should have had her test Coquette.  She's not really old enough to worry about Cushings, I pretty sure she is Insulin Resistant and there is too much donkey in her skin, she came in fat and I've not been able to get it off her. 

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