Tuesday, February 16, 2016

BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, on a regular basis........!!!  Donkeys have a way of showing you your limitations, which is what makes them such wonderful souls.

We're going this afternoon to do Pancho's home study.  I'm pretty sure Boaz will not mourn his departure.   Pancho has always been very aggressive about the girls.  When one is cycling, he takes over everything going on outside.  He plants his little body right next to his "lady" and woe be any of the other donkeys that get close to them, especially the other geldings.  Boaz has never really accepted Pancho being the big guy, although in the last year or so, he's pretty much taken the "WHATEVER" attitude, when Pancho starts lunging and screaming obscenities, not to mention kicking with purpose.  

Yesterday when we were getting ready for evening chores, John noticed Boaz was dropped and his little buddy was bloody.  Too early for fly damage, and it looked suspiciously like someone had bitten it.  When we do tours we usually explain how jacks fight and will go for the neck, spinal cord, legs, ears, eyes, they pretty much fight to do as much damage as possible.  We usually don't talk about this particular fighting technique, but it is one they use, if their opponent is stupid enough to let it all hang out, so to speak.  I can only assume Boaz gave Pancho a opening and Pancho took it.  

I had always thought that going out with another gelding would be good for Pancho, but I've changed my mind in recent months.  I think him having his own girl with no competition might be best for him.  The couple spend a lot of time with their animals, and he is very people orientated, so he'll enjoy all the attention.  

The weather right now is almost perfect, cool nights with warm sunny days, wish it would stay this way.  Actually, I really hope this isn't the beginning of an early summer, when they start talking about 90 degrees, this early in the season, it's not that far to 100........!!!  

Yesterday I noticed mouse turds on the counter in the feed room.  Years ago we had trouble with mice coming in on a tree branch hanging over the roof, too close to a crack.  A very tiny crack, some of these desert mice probably don't weigh an ounce, they are tiny.  But all the tree limbs are cut, so we are trying to figure out how they are getting in.  One night a few days ago, the Dutch door was open after dark and we've always known that is a super highway into the feed room.  But that's been days ago.  John set the live trap and caught one last night, reset the trap and this morning a mouse had been in the trap, ate half an animal cracker and still didn't trip the trap.   I told you they are tiny.......!!!  So for the next few nights he'll set the trap and we'll make sure the Dutch door is closed at night, hopefully we'll clean them out again.  

We still have one in the van, have had for years.  I'm pretty sure getting in the van is a family tradition trained from generation to generation, and we have never been able to figure out how they get in there.  They don't live in there, but any time there is edibles left over night, they chew holes and eat whatever it is, usually feed of some kind. 

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