Sunday, February 14, 2016


A couple of days ago I received an e-mail that gets sent out to all the equine rescues in Arizona, whenever there is a special situation, like owner going in hospital, animals need rehomed, need emergency hauling, anything that might be helped by the rescue community in Arizona all knowing about it.  

Bonnie and Clyde were adopted from an Arizona rescue a few months ago and were doing great, until the woman went out a few mornings ago and Clyde had died in the night.  Probably his heart, this seems to happen with donkeys more than you would think.  We've had 2 and also a horse, basically drop dead or die in their sleep while laying down.  

Although the people have an Arab and a mini horse, Bonnie is very lonely, so the emergency call went out for a male donkey.  Hopefully, this is  Pancho's destiny.  He has been in foster care, he also was in a home and proved to be too smart for his own good, as far as escaping to go visit the neighbor's grass, and was returned to us a couple of years ago.   

The people came out today to see him.  He was really busy trying to keep the other boys away from Tula, but was friendly enough that the people want to add him to their family.  We will do a home study Tuesday and then we will haul him later in the week.  We could probably take him when we do the home study, but I'd rather not, even though it would save us a trip.  They gave all the right answers, I know their vet and they've had the same farrier for 20 years.  

Should be a great forever home for a very personable little donkey.  This will actually put us below our self imposed limit for the 1st time in a LONG time, makes me almost afraid to answer the phone.!!!  LOL

Courtney is coming out this week, to assess Gus' front feet.  He seems to be slowing down, so he might need the casting material put on again.  His heels have to be so "over the top" tall, he might just need to be trimmed a little bit.  I leave that decision to Courtney, she's kept him going when most farriers would have said they couldn't do anything else.  I don't think "can't" is in her vocabulary, she also kept old Pepper going for years, we ended up with John and I holding him up on 3 legs, when she would trim him, he was so frail.  It was just about this time last year when we finally had to say goodbye to the old man, his legs just finally gave out.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed about Lynn's tooth.  I don't worry about it falling out, I worry about it getting infected, as loose as it is, there's plenty of gaps to get food caught around it.  We'll keep a close eye on her, until Dr. Debra comes back down the 1st week of March.  

Got to get her in "cuteness" shape.  Kartchner Caverns got in touch with me, to take donkeys out for Earth Day, April 16th. Last year we took Ruger and Wister and they were a big hit.  I had planned on taking BlackJack and Frijolita this year, but was requested to bring minis.  I didn't even remember talking about minis, but obviously someone in the park system did...!!!  We are going to take all 4 of the minis, so there will be no waiting to pet.  Actually minis are usually really popular, they are small enough to not be threatening to people that have never been around large animals.  Children especially are more comfortable around them. 

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