Friday, February 26, 2016


This is the MEGA shelter Mike, and Tony have been working on the last few Sundays.  All that's left now is the metal roofing and it will be sun shelter for the summer, if they don't get around to getting the sides on anytime soon.  I'd like sides before next winter, but they aren't really important for now.  

I'm glad this month is over, although next month is starting to look about as busy.  Next week we have a tour on Tuesday of 53 people, I think that might be a record.......!!! LOL  Rather than try to do a tour, we've decided to put clipboards on each pen with information about the donkeys in that pen and just turn them loose, for the most part.  The last time we did the clipboards, during an Open House, some of the clipboards ended up with big bites out of them.  Donkeys don't do too well with boredom, as long as there is people passing by that's OK.  But if there is a lull in the entertainment, the donkeys will amuse themselves however they can.  

This tour is a bunch of people that have no clue where they are going.  I've never heard of Mystery Tours before.  There are companies that put on these tours.  The people pack their bags, get on a bus and have no idea where they are going or what they will be doing for "X" amount of days.  This group are going to be seeing donkeys as part of their mystery.  Hope they enjoy it.  

Today we had a real nice couple here from Colorado.  Today was her birthday and she wanted to see some donkeys.  They are going to be in the area for about another month and want to come out to volunteer.  So we're trying to think up something that needs to be done.  

We usually like to have the donkeys in their pens for tours.  It just makes life simpler, and that way we can make sure everyone gets seen. The people said they would be here about 10AM, so when they hadn't showed up by after 10:30, John started letting the donkeys out.  They can whine so pitiful once the hay is gone and there's no action.  He hadn't been outside 5 minutes and they called to say they thought they had gone too far down the main road.  Got them headed the right direction, went out, yelled at John, but of course most of the donkeys were already out.  

Actually the tours are more fun when they are out, the people usually end up surrounded by donkeys to pet.  As long as food isn't involved they are very well behaved.  The people brought carrots and horse treats and John brought out some of the treats in a bucket to see if they would behave themselves.  NOPE....!!  But before it got too wild, Tula actually took a treat from both John and I.  She will take treats from John outside the pens at night when he lets them out at bedtime.  But I think this is the 1st time she's ever taken treats in daylight, I know it's the first time from me.  The last few months she's been taking treats on tours from some of the people, when she's in her pen.  They have to stand very still and stretch their arm out as far as it will go.  But it's progress for her.  She will come into the herd surrounding the people out of the pen, BUT, she keeps one of the other donkeys, usually Frijolita between her and the people.  

My best friend growing up, whom I haven't seen in 30 years is coming next week also.  Her husband just retired at the end of January, so now they can travel a little.  Lynn and I were thrown in the yard together at the age of 3 and have stayed friends all these years, even though we haven't visited much.  We have a lot of catching up to do........!!


ellie k said...

Our senior group at church so mystery trips, usually just a day or afternoon.the people love it. Last week they went to the circus. Some of the people had never been to a circus. It is a good deal for people, one price covers bus, lunch and entry to what ever they go to see. The circus was twenty dollars.

Tish said...

I think mystery tours would be fun, I've had great adventures lost........!!! LOL The big problem is a lot of times, you can't find the neat places again. That was especially true in Jeddah in Saudi. We'd take a wrong turn and end up some really neat place. But by the time we got back to an area we knew, we had no idea how to go back. Didn't have GPS in those days.