Monday, February 01, 2016


     Nikki has a visitor named Tucker.  Mike and Tony came out today, even though the weather is lousy to get the rafters up for the big 3 pen shelter. Mike brought Tucker out for a play day.  As you can see from the 2nd picture Saddik is outside.  

     Tucker was out with him for awhile, but Mike kept him on a long leash, which wasn't much fun.  Not that Nikki is that much fun to play with, but at least in the pen, Tucker can run around and pee on stuff.  
      He figured out the doggy door, first try, unlike Saddik.  Saddik hasn't figured it out yet.  He will stick his head out the door and that's it..!!  He better be figuring it out pretty quick.  Doug is going to make a trip back to Michigan the end of this month and will be gone about a week or so.  That means Saddik won't have a nice warm "person" bed to sleep in.  If he wants to be warm, he'll have to sleep in the feed room with Nikki, the cats sure don't want him in "their" house, I'm sure.  

     John's cousin, Mark just drove in.  Every year about this time he comes down here to visit friends and always make the effort to come see us.  We always enjoy having him stop by, seems like not many of the family travel anymore. 

     The weather today is cold windy and nasty.  I was really surprised Mike and Tony showed up, it's not very nice to be working outside.  They said they want to get the rafters up, so the next time they will be able to put the metal roofing on.  The donkeys aren't impressed, when the weather is like this they don't like it.  They usually get in one place and stand there until the weather improves.  

     Haven't heard back on Quilla and Daisy's ACTH blood draw, to see how their numbers are for their Cushings disease.  I"m pretty sure Daisy needs her pergolide increased and wouldn't be surprised if Quilla did too.  It's a progressive disease, Quilla has only been diagnosed a year or so, but Daisy has been on pergolide for years, so it was time to have them tested, especially when the vet was already out here.

     Gus is still taking the Ranitidine, the vet said we would notice remarkable improvement in 4 days.  Really didn't notice much difference in his behavior, so yesterday we started him back on Previcox, which should help if his hips and back are bothering him.  With animals, so much is a guessing game, they can't tell you where it hurts, and science can only do so much, unfortunately. 

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