Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Ruthie, Ruger and Wister after goodies......!!!

It looks like the boy won't be going up to Flagstaff after all. For some reason in all the e-mailing back and forth the subject of their size never came up.  She had seen pictures of them, but for some reason assumed they were minis.  I just assumed she knew they were standards.  She mentioned something about minis, I said they were standards and we finally got on the same page for information.  I am certainly glad we didn't drive all the way up to Flagstaff, a distance of about 300 miles, open up the trailer and have her say, "they aren't minis".  That would have really been disappointing for everyone involved. Makes John happy, he never wants to see any of them leave for a new home. Neither do I, but I guess I'm more practical, if we find homes for the adoptable ones, then we will have room for others that aren't adoptable.  Although at this time we're still trying to get our numbers down to our self imposed limit.  Haven't been there in years unfortunately..........

Today we went down by Tombstone to borrow some portable panels to use for the Kiss an Ass booth in Tombstone this Saturday the 9th.  We're still working on the logistics, we've never developed a set pattern for setting up a display, so every time is an adventure.  The woman has the cutest little mini horse and a beautiful big black Standardbred gelding and 3 other horses, I think all of them drive and also ride, except for the mini, she just drives.  She has a real nice horse motel, which I was admiring.  She said when they moved down here from Phoenix years ago, the first thing they built was the mare motel, not a place for them to live, a place for the horses.  That's my kind of person........!!! 

It's starting to stay in the 40's and low 50's at night now, so I'll probably try body clipping my 3 victims next week.  One a day will probably be about all I can handle, my clippers are the biggest ones Stewart makes I think, probably used to clip cattle.  I know they are a lot bigger than the ones we use to use on the show dogs when I was a kid.  My hands are so small and my wrists so weak, it's quite a wrestling match.  John said he'd try it, but they'd probably look like they'd been thru a war.  Not that they look groomed when I get thru with them either.  LOL


ellie k said...

Maybe John can give them a rough cut and you can shape them up a bit. It might save your hands a little. I know you all will work it out, you always do

Tish said...

The only way we have stayed married for almost 54 years is by not trying to work together, or critiquing each others work........LOL