Sunday, May 24, 2015


This is the last time I ask John to take a picture of Quilla helping me clip Daisy.  Good grief, a little less of my fanny would have been nice.............!!!   LOL  He's very literal, I asked him to take pictures, he was sitting on the feed room porch.  The thought of moving to a better location to make the picture more interesting, never occurred to him, I'm sure.  She's really a good girl to clip, although she was getting a little antsy about where I was clipping.  I don't think it was so much a problem with where I was, as it was because the clippers were getting pretty hot.

Not sure what Quilla's interest was, although I think it might be animal crackers.  He was just clipped a couple of days ago, and remembers the drill very well.  He stayed thru the whole process, of course every time she got a cookie, he got one too, so it's no wonder he stuck around.

Anubis is doing very well, a little stumble here and there, but not much.  I keep asking her if she's ready to go back in the pen with Nicki.  So far she just lays on her nice bed on the courtyard and wags her tail.  We'll probably put her in later this afternoon.  She's made friends with Saddik on her outings to go potty.  He seems to think she is pretty cute and she doesn't seem to mind him jumping around like a maniac.  So far he has gotten along with everybody, well except for a rabbit he tried to chase this morning.  He's fast, but the rabbit was much faster, thank goodness.  

I saved Coquette for last, I'm pretty sure she won't be as cooperative as Daisy and Quilla, last time I did her, we had to put her in a redneck squeeze and believe me clipping around the pipe, gave her an interesting hair cut.  I'll just drug her with Dormosedan instead, if I have to. 


ellie k said...

Looks like she (dog) is feeling out a bit, is she eating ? I started to write this and forgot how to spell her name. It was good to see her up even if she is a bit wobbly. I so enjoy reading your blog.

Tish said...

Anubis, the jackal that guarded the Egyptian tombs was named Anubis. She looked like him, except her ears weren't upright. She's still doing good, we put her out in her pen with Nicki yesterday. I think she enjoyed being pampered and on the courtyard, but she seemed happy to be home too. Glad you enjoy the blog, you've read it for quite awhile.