Monday, May 11, 2015


Last Saturday was a lot of fun.  We hauled the above loud mouth aka Beau one of our alumni down to Tombstone so he could be in the race.  None of us including Amy his "mom" knew how he would behave, because behaving isn't really his favorite thing.  He seemed to think challenging Zeke was what he needed to do.  When we left the race start area, Amy was looking for a tree to tie him too, her arms were getting tired.  We made jokes about all the yucca, cactus and rocks along the race route, that he could drag her thru........

We headed for Tombstone to set up our "kiss an ass" booth.  Mike at the Doc Holliday Saloon let us set up right in front of his door, which was in a high traffic zone for tourists.

Taken by one of the Tombstone Vigilettes

Taken by Grandma, Tina Eden

Pedro, costume winner, Tombstone Vigilette's picture

Zeke and Pedro in costume contest, by Joanne Rummel

A lot of people said they would bring their donkeys, but didn't.  We all had a great time, but it would have been even more fun with more participants.   Of course Beau would probably have lost his voice.  Maybe next year. 

Amy said he did just fine once they got moving, the race was about 3 miles, they said 2 1/2, but I'm pretty sure it was longer than that.  He came prancing into town leading the race and really seemed to enjoy all the attention.  

Cheyenne's little friend was with Cheyenne most of the day.  She's go off for a little while and pretty soon, she'd be back to pet Cheyenne and Cheyenne seemed to enjoy it as much as the little girl.  Pedro's outfit was a little more than Cheyenne could handle.  I think it was the chaps on his front legs............LOL  When she first saw him, she put her head under the panel and "escaped"  I wasn't there, but I guess she went to the middle of the street and just stopped, didn't know what to do.  John put his arms around her neck and someone came with her halter and she was OK to go back to the pen.  No more problems, I guess she decided he wasn't that bad.  

BlackJack had his admirers too.  We took Cheyenne because a lot of times children are afraid of the larger donkeys.  Cheyenne is only 32 inches tall, they are more comfortable with her.  I don't know how many people asked how old she is and were shocked when we said about 22 years old.  One of BJ's friends has a private donkey rescue just across the New Mexico state line.  Most of her donkeys are mammoths, even larger than BJ.  She said she has to stay off Craigslist, I think she has 26 which is more than we have.  I had heard about her, she seemed like a very nice person.  She said her husband usually says, "what's one more" when she finds one that needs a better home than they are in.  I've heard that from John a few times too...!!!  LOL

Still got Saddik, the dog that adopted us.  Saddik is Arabic for friend, and he is about the friendliest dog you could ever meet.  I doubt that he's 6 months old, smart as he can be, learns what's allowed and what isn't really quick.  We've got out feelers to rehome him, but aren't holding our breath.  He is such a good dog, I can't imagine why anyone would dump him, but I guess they did.  He doesn't seem to care, he's having a great time, running around, "helping" us.  He's not real sharp about the donkeys and has had a couple of close calls.  As far as the donkeys are concerned he doesn't belong here yet, and he blunders around in their space, much to their disgust.  They take after him and have kicked at him a couple of times, but so far he's been able to get away.  If one of the younger ones decides to really go after him, he better find something to hide behind or under, or we'll have a vet bill. 


Linda said...

Lovely photos. :)

Tish said...

We had a great time, I hope they do it again next year. There's always a problem finding people to do the preparation that something like this takes unfortunately.