Wednesday, May 13, 2015



A few days ago I showed him how to get in the cart and since then he seems to think it's his.  He's also figured out if he stays in it, he probably won't miss any trips.  LOL  He really is a smart boy, wish we could find him a great home.  

We've been working on not chasing cars when they leave.  He's actually doing very good, we went out the other day and probably stopped the truck, with me getting out 4 or 5 times in the driveway to apprise him of the fact that I was going to "kill" him if he continued trying to follow the truck.  We're still working with him, so far he hasn't shown any interest in chasing the truck again, guess I made my point.........!!!  But Doug's little SUV is still a possibility.  This morning he went out, Saddik was sitting by John and John distracted him every time he started to get up and it worked.  We'll see what happens when there isn't someone to distract him.  

We've got some people coming Saturday to visit with Wister and Ruger, but I don't think they have a large enough area for the boys.  They love to run and play, but I think these people just have a small pen.  Too bad from what I've heard they would make real good donkey parents. 

This is Amy and Beau in the Dragoon Saloon last Saturday after the races.   It's an outdoor type of bar and he had no qualms about going in to visit.  

Yesterday morning Amy was here to pick up poo and came in the house limping.  It seems she had seen Boofer and Nicki playing "wishbone" with Saddik.  What makes it really interesting is Nicki was in the pen, but they both had hold of him, Nicki on one side of the fence and Boofer on the other.  Amy said all she could think of was vet bills.  Unfortunately she stretched the large muscle across the front of her thigh, had to go to the emergency room, get it wrapped in an ace bandage and walk with crutches until they tell her different.  Saddik didn't even act like anything happened to him.  

The equine are all doing pretty good.  Rusty the mule is still gimping around.  He bowed a tendon probably stepping in a rock squirrel hole, we have plenty of them.  He's doing better, but it seems like with a bowed tendon, it takes forever to heal. 

We're fighting the battle of keeping socks up on legs and polo wraps on Penny's rear legs to keep the stable flies at bay.  I've figured out how to use polo wraps on rear legs pretty good, well at least I thought I had figured it out.  Just noticed Penny is dragging one of them, so we'll have to catch her at feeding time in a redneck squeeze.  She's so much better than she was when she came here about 3 years ago, but she will not stand to let us work with her.  Well, actually that isn't true, John can pull up her socks on the front without the squeeze or tying her.  Unfortunately I'm not in her inner circle for some reason.  If I want to work with her, it will be what we call "official".....!!! LOL


ellie k said...

Lucky dog. The donkeys probably already told him this is a good place to live. Food and lots of love. He is a pretty dog.

Tish said...

He's really a good dog, but we REALLY don't need another dog. He doesn't seem to understand that fact though, he just keeps "smoozing" his way into the inner circle. LOL