Friday, May 22, 2015


Hope it makes you laugh too.  You have to admit it's certainly different.......!!

The test for Valley Fever came back for Anubis and it was negative, which is a good thing.  Of course that leaves us not knowing what is wrong with her.  My personal opinion is stroke, the vet won't say.  If we want to continue trying to figure it out, we'll have to take her to one of the specialty clinics in Tucson.  We went to one of them with one of the cats years ago and since they have all the fancy machines you can get any type of test needed.  

This is how she looked yesterday, very lethargic, although the predizone (spelling doesn't count) is keeping her appetite good.   She finally went poo today after 3 days and quite a bit of pumpkin.  And today she isn't quite as rocky on her feet.  She was stumbling so much she would fall on her face.  I left her harness on, so we could pick her up when she fell down.  

Today she is stronger and more engaged in her surroundings.  She also has more control over her tongue.  It would go out the right side of her mouth and she didn't seem to have the ability to pull it back.  Today was better.  I'll watch her over the week-end and see if she continues to improve, before calling the clinic.  

Poor Rusty the mule.  He's still gimping around on his bowed tendon and swollen fetlock.  He got them at different times on the same leg.  My experience on bowed tendons is, you can treat it, keep them penned and it takes weeks, or you can let them decide on how much they move around and it takes weeks.......!!!  At least for donkeys.  Since he's a mule, I hope he has enough sense to take care of himself like a donkey and not have to be babied like a horse.  He seems to be doing OK, spends time laying down and hanging around the pens.  He likes to slowly paw the air and look sad.  I've told him I can't fix it, but he seems to think I should.  

I finished clipping Quilla today.  I got a little bit better with the clippers, finally got them adjusted, boy does that make a difference..........LOL  Daisy will be next and then Coquette.  Coquette is going to be a challenge.  I'm trying to decide whether to give her a chance to behave herself, or just go ahead and drug her.  The last time I wish I had drugs........!!  

Tonight at feeding time John said Boaz had a bloody place on his lip.  Sure enough, I took 5 or 6 habronema larvae out of a place about the size of a dime.  Didn't notice it yesterday, it's at the back corner and hard to see.  Just finished a 5 day Pancur Power Pac worming for Rosie.  Not sure a Power Pac kills habronema, but figure it can't hurt.  

We're doing pretty good so far with skin problems.  I wish someone would do a study on the link of summer skin problems and poor immune systems on equine.  And find a cure............!!! 


ellie k said...

It really sounds likes a stroke. At least body functions seem to be returning. How old is he.

Tish said...

She's about 10-11, about 58 pounds. Not a large dog, so hopefully she'll keep improving.