Thursday, May 07, 2015


One of the neighbor's asked a couple of days ago if we had seen a skinny brown dog running around.  We hadn't, but last night we did.......!!! When we were feeding he was hanging around on the perimeter watching what we were doing.  Doug said hi, and that was it, he's been in our hip pockets ever since.  Nice young large dog, (look at those feet) has been around people, has some manners, has had his toenails trimmed recently, so I'm hoping someone didn't dump him.  That's always been a problem out here unfortunately.  

I left feeding him to the guys and finally ask today how much they were feeding him.  I don't think a cup here and a cup there is adequate for a young dog that doesn't look like he's been eating regularly for awhile.  Well I forgot about the turkey Doug fed him last night....!!!  LOL  We'll start out with 3 cups three or four times a day and see how that goes, I'm not that familiar with feeding large dogs, so we'll have to see what works. 

I took a couple of pictures and put them on our local community Facebook page, so hopefully he's just lost.

Today was the day to start clipping the hairy ones.  Decided to start with Quilla, here is a before shot.

This is what Cushings looks like
Got out all my toys, ready to go to work .....and...... both of my blades were dull.  I tried "chewing and gnawing" for awhile, tried both blade sets and bless Quilla's heart, he just stood and let me chew.  I did about 1/2 of the other side of his neck and decided it wasn't worth it.  Came in the house, sent off the blades to be sharpened, went on-line and bought 2 more lets of blades.  Jeesh!  So hopefully by next week I will have four sets of blades, surely one of they will be sharp enough to do the job.  Daisy and Coquette are waiting their turn too, that's why I decided to get more blades. 


ninergirl04 said...

How nice of you to take in this poor homeless guy. As a former owner/breeder of Irish Setters (large deep-chested breed), I would follow dog food package directions as to amount to feed this dog. Feeding 3-4 cups three or more times a day is most likely too much. My concern is the fear of gastric torsion (bloat). Smaller amounts a few times a day would more likely be easier on his digestive system -- or consult a veterinarian (or dog rescue group). Again, thank you for taking him in!

Steph Schmidt said...

He is a handsome boy, but a little on the lighter side... sure hope you are right and he just got away from his home. We have had bigger dogs and normally feed about a cup and a half twice a day. Have you named him??? If so, he might be yours :)

Tish said...

Thanks for the advice. Yesterday he got a total of 8 cups of dry food in 4 feedings. He was pretty gaunt and very grateful and hasn't shown any distress at all. As a puppy, I doubt that he's 6 months old, so I don't want to short him on growing rations, especially since he's going to be pretty good size.

We've been calling him Saddik, which is Arabic for friend. No problem if he has a family, but haven't heard from anyone.