Monday, May 18, 2015


 Saturday the kids came out for the afternoon.  I'm pretty sure when they went home they slept good at least the 2 little ones...........LOL  Becky and JR spent a lot of time chasing them, so they probably were worn out too.  Some of the donkeys love kids and will stand still as long as the kids pay attention to them, Gus is one of them.   

Becky and Kyler being entertained by Pepsi and Cheyenne


The golf cart was a big hit

Of course we had to sit in the race car, thanks Becky

I got my new clipper blades, so we'll try clipping again.  It's not hot yet, so no big hurry although I've noticed as I get older it's easier to put things off until later.  Probably should make the effort to "git er done" ASAP.......!!  LOL

Everyone is doing pretty good, although Courtney is going to have to come out again and build an epoxy sole for Gus.  We had to take the last one off because it was coming loose around the edges and we were afraid rocks would get under the edges. 

Started Rosie on a 5 day Panacur worming treatment this morning.  She has had sores on her belly ever since we got her 1 1/2 years ago.  They are in a line, will get better with treatment, but never actually go away.  If she has thread worms or neck worms, this could possibly be the cause.  


ellie k said...

How did the new pup handle having kids around? The sure are cute little boys

Tish said...

He was perfect with them, we haven't seen anything yet that is a minus with him. He seems to love everyone and is real easy to correct, a couple of times and he seems to "get" it.