Thursday, April 30, 2015


Not my idea of nice weather, but that's what happens as we move out of spring.  Hasn't made it to 100* yet, but it won't be long.  The nights are still getting chilly, so I'm waiting to body clip Daisy and Quilla. 

Looks like Wister and Ruger will be going to a new home up by Flagstaff this month.  Sounds like it will be a good fit, but it's a long way up there to do a home study.  So we will make one trip, and as I told Anna, if we didn't think it would work out for the boys, we'd have no qualms about turning around and bringing them back with us.   She has reining horses and says she's admired donkeys some of her friends have, so she isn't a total newbie to equine.


Lynn must have poked her eye last night, it was closed and dripping this morning.  Rusty the mule is limping on a normal looking cool front foot and Penny's legs are starting to look like a science project because of flies.  I wrapped her front legs in polo wraps a couple of days ago.  She lost one of them yesterday and I noticed the flies were just moving up her legs to above the polo wraps.  So this morning I put some IMMUNE ONE HEALING BALM on her legs and put men's crew socks on both front legs.

Thuja Zinc Oxide is my usual "go to" balm for cuts or anything that needs to be protected from flies, BUT, it is heavy and gets on everything.  Immune one balm is less sticky, gooey and all that, so I could put it on and rub in, so that it almost disappeared.  Then put a sock over it.  If I tried to put a sock over zinc oxide there would be zinc oxide everywhere, except where I wanted it.  And the Immune One seems to start healing and drying up wounds real quick.  Penny was actually pretty cooperative, although she refused to take an animal cracker from me.  She took them from John like no big deal, but I swear she pursed her lips if I tried to give her one. 

Gus' legs are already covered as is one of Rosie's front legs.  For some reason the outside of her knee on one leg gets all tore up when she lays down, guess she has bony knees.  Boaz's scarred knee is doing really good, so far it's holding it's own and hasn't gotten bloody thank goodness. 

Sounds like business as usual around here..............LOL

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